Forest Bakker

Forest Bakker

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Forest Bakker posted a video
2 weeks ago

@radinnofficial power testing against a @mercedesbenz 😜
#feelthepower #conceptvideo
Tag someone you would race against!
#radinn #mercedesbenzamg #miami

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3 weeks ago

Do what you love, love what you do 😜 #cubanamente
#cuba #lahavana

Forest Bakker posted a photo
4 weeks ago

Cuba is pretty damn Vibrant 🌴
#lightbros #cuba #lahavana #portraitphotography
#earth #earth_shotz #travel #travelgram

Forest Bakker posted a photo
1 month ago

The less you know, the more you think you know. The more you know, the more you realize how little you know. Traveling has played a big roll in seeing how little I actually know about this world. I’m driven by curiosity and I plan on feeling smaller against the world by learning more about it 🌍#stepoutofyourcomfortzone
#cubanamente #sunsetdelight #earth #earth_shotz #sunset #cuba #travel #shotoniphone

Forest Bakker posted a photo
1 month ago

Gravity’s the only thing holding me down 💦 #cubanamente
Captured by the one and only @teresaandresgonzalvo
#viajaway #lightbros #cuba

Forest Bakker posted a photo
1 month ago

Pretending I’ve got it all under control 😜 #nolicense

Forest Bakker posted a photo
2 months ago

This shark was up for a race 🦈
Who’s faster?? Shark or me on the @radinnofficial #g2x 🤔 #challengeaccepted
Shot on @gopro #hero7
#lightbros #radinn #jetboard

Forest Bakker posted a photo
2 months ago

Misty simplicity 💧#tarifa
Shot on @djiglobal #mavicpro2
#earth #dji #dronephotography

Forest Bakker posted a photo
2 months ago

😱 OMG!! will you look at those hands!? #andthesunset
#GoPro #earth #tarifa #tarifabeach

Forest Bakker OFFICIAL page. Pro Kiteboarder & Filmmaker
Name: Forest Bakker
Born: Barbados, 6 dec 1994
Nationality: French (french mother, dutch father)
Home: Spain, Tarifa
Languages: English, French, Spanish (Native)
Professions: Kitesurfer & Movie Maker.
Personal info
This is my facebook page were you will find all my latest news. I am a pro Kiteboarder, filmmaker & entrepreneur living life to its fullest !
Personal interests
The journey brings the happiness, not the destination.

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