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3 days ago

@slingshotkite just released a brand new kite the RAPTOR V1! I GOT so excited, I went straight to TRY IT OUT 😉! It's a great kite if you mainly ride hooked in and want to get some extra hang time while boosting. Adding an extra rotation, another grab or getting higher woo ranking will get easier from now on! TRIPLE flips here I come 🌪️😁🤙

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5 days ago

New kites in the house!!! So exciting to see the RAPTOR KITE!

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5 days ago

Fabulous time during Kiteboarding 4 Cancer with the Kite Park League LADIES TEAM! Usually we compete against each other during the Kite Park events. During this year #KB4C we joined our forces to raise the money and race in the 6h derby race! This year we raised US$6800 for the young cancer survivors! The entire event raised US$211 786 which goes to Project Koru programs. Thank you to all the donors and event organisers, this event is RAD!
More info http://www.kb4c.org

Colleen Carroll Sensi Graves Issy von Zastrow

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Karolina Winkowska shared a post.
1 week ago

10 Days until the Hood JAM! I am super excited to compete with the entire KPL family in a few days!

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Karolina Winkowska shared a post.
1 week ago

Tomorrow is a great day of wind in thw the gorge! Come, check out new kites!

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2 weeks ago

2020 Slingshot Kite products are here!!! TWO new kites in the line up. Rally GT and Raptor are kites you will want try as soon as possible. The progression of the sport has always been nr.1 for R&D at Slingshot kite. With so much technology and different options for different riders, I am sure THIS SUMMER you will be able to take your riding to the next level!
#slingshotkite #artofpower #slingshot2020

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2 weeks ago

Kiteboarding changed my life 14 years ago, since then my days are fulfilled with colors, passion, and energy this sport brings to me.
Raising money I want to share this colorful life with people who need it the most!

This year I am racing the 6h derby race in a team with my fellow competitors from Kite Park League, Colleen Carroll Sensi Graves and Issy von Zastrow.
We are aiming to send at least 3 young survivors to camp Koru.
Even 1$ will help to reach our goal!

Find out more in the link below!


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3 weeks ago

Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational is always insane to compete! Whatch my video to see a compilation of some of my good and bad hits during the actual competion. Always hard to land perfect tricks during the short competition time. As a competitor, you always want to get better scores, better tricks, better results. Competition is a game, anything can happen and anyone can win. I am super happy to finish 2nd, and get another amazing experience to remember. There is a lot of people who hate competition because it doesn't shows their FULL riding potential. I LOVE competing, it gives me motivation to progress my riding, motivation to land harder tricks, motivation to become a better athlete and motivation to become a better version of myself. Can't wait for the #hoodjam2019 in just a couple of weeks!

Once again massive thanks to REAL Watersports and Wind Voyager for organising the sickest event of all times!
Video: @Vincent Bergeron Photographe Brian Wennersten
#windvoyagertriples #realwatersports
Slingshot Kite Ride Engine #slingshotkite #rideengine

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4 weeks ago

Feels great to flip of the @slingshotkite kicker again! New wrap is ready to go and I can't wait to try some of my new tricks of this mega ramp this season!
📸 @slingshotkite

Kite is my life ! @karolinawinkowska
3x Freestyle Kiteboarding World Champion | 2x Triple S Winner | 2 x Kite Park League Champ | Slingshot Kite | Nissan Qashqai
Polish rider Karolina Winkowska has been going from strength to
strength since she first began kiteboarding in her summer holidays in
2004. With a family who are “addicted to watersports” and background
success in extreme sports (she was Polish junior champion in boarder
cross and big air snowboarding) it’s no surprise Karolina has made it
to the PKRA winner’s podium.

2005 saw Karolina debut on the PKRA scene finishing 5th in the Brazil
event and gaining her first sponsors “Roxy” and “Naish”. This was her
first taste of international competition but by 2008, she had earned
herself two consecutive 2nd places on the PKRA podium, won the 2008
Chile event, and gained another big sponsor “Ford”. She was on top of
her game, however Karolina’s luck was about to change and her 2009
season was severely threatened by a crash in Brazil which left her
with a broken leg, “Not only did I have a broken leg but I also had to
finish my high school education, so I needed to study a lot during
this time which meant I couldn’t go to the beach or kite. I had only 3
weeks kiting time during the winter.”

Thankfully Karolina managed a fast recovery and was back on the water
within the year showing us the powerful and fearless style we know her
so well for... and back on the PKRA winner’s podium by the end of the
season finishing in third place overall.

Her explanation for her success in the sport? “Kitesurfing is my
passion, the thing that I do basically for pleasure.” This is made
very clear as she is never seen on the beach without a smile on her
face. She currently manages to maintain a healthy balance between
Kiteboarding and her language studies whilst remaining one of the most
committed and fun loving female riders on tour.
3x Kiteboarding World Champion
2016 Triple S Champion
Kite is my life ! by: www.karolinawinkowska.com
instagram : @karolinawinkowska
Personal info
Professional Kitesurfer;

3x Kitesurfing World Champion

5x Kitesurfing Polish Champion;
Personal interests
Kite is my life !!!

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