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3 days ago

Mixed first day for me at the Formula Kite Spanish Championships 2019. 11m kites and shifty winds.

I did very well in the first race. Leading half of the race, but just not choosing the right line on the second upwind ending in second. Had bad luck on race 2 and ended up in a wind hole right before the start. Managed to relaunch, but started 2 minutes behind the rest of the fleet.

I am really happy with my speed and angles and I believe I have a chance to take this home.

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Gunnar Biniasch posted a photo
6 days ago

Just picked up my new Groove Kiteboarding Radical V2 raceboard. Just in time for the Spanish Championship. Looks and feels amazing. 2.85kg with straps, 135x38cm. Can't wait to get her on the water in Castelleon tomorrow. Great job Michele Pezzato :-)

She still needs a name. Any suggestions in the comments please :-)

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Gunnar Biniasch posted a video
1 week ago

Some good old freeriding with the Ozone Kites TorqueV1 134 Board and HyperlinkV2 13m at Flag Beach

Sharing is caring :-)

Check out the full 4K version here:

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Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch is with Mauricio Weppert and 3 others.
1 week ago

Having some fun with the new Ozone Kites Infinity lightwind board and the Alpha 16m Single Strut kite in the shallows at Flag Beach Watersports Fuerteventura.

Check out the full 4K version here:

WARNING: Do not do this at Flag Beach unless you are really sure of where the rocks are !!

#noirmatter #ozonekites #infinity #kiteboarding #fun #video #quark #alpha #buoywear #rocks #reef #fuerteventura #bluewater

Noir Matter BUOY WEAR Schwerelosigkite GoPro KiteBoarding Canary Islands

Gunnar Biniasch posted a video
2 weeks ago

Come aboard for a P.O.V. perspective of a Foilboard Race.

Watch in Full Screen to be able to see the speed and angle data.

Check out the full 4K version here:

#pov #race #foilboard #chubanga

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Gunnar Biniasch posted a video
2 weeks ago

Check out my VLOG from the last day of the Formula Kite Copa España 2019.

Please like and share it. Thanks :-)

Shot on the Osmo Pocket and GoPro Hero7 Black
Extra footage by Jordi Peralta and Simon Burner

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Ozone Kites Forward WIP Groove Kiteboarding Chubanga Schwerelosigkite Triggernaut Sportsglasses Flag Beach Watersports Fuerteventura Onexe Federación Canaria de Vela Spain Kiteboarding League @epirigs Fórmula Kite Spain Series IslaCanelaKite (El Paradise) UBEGA GmbH Beratung Training und Coaching

Gunnar Biniasch posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Super happy to have won the Spanish Formula Kite Cup 2019. Next stop: Campeonato de España in Castellón. Big thanks to Ozone Kites and Fer for all the support at the events.

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Ozone Kites Chubanga
Groove Kiteboarding Triggernaut Sportsglasses Schwerelosigkite @theboardroomfuerteventura @epirigs Forward WIP @official_rfve Fórmula Kite Spain Series Onexe

Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch is at IslaCanelaKite (El Paradise).
Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch is at IslaCanelaKite (El Paradise).
2 weeks ago
Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch is at IslaCanelaKite (El Paradise).
Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch is at IslaCanelaKite (El Paradise).
2 weeks ago

Final day today and we only did one race in very light wind. With some good tactics I managed to win that. Super happy with my performance here in Isla Canela Spain Kiteboarding League and really happy to win the Spanish Formula Kite Cup 2019.


Hoy día final y solo hicimos una manga con viento muy suave. Con algunas buenas tácticas logré ganar eso. Súper contento con mi actuación aquí en Isla Canela y muy contento de haber ganado la Copa Espana de Formula Kite 2019.

Big thanks for all the support from Ozone Kites, @Epirigs, Forward WIP, Chubanga, Schwerelosigkite, UBEGA GmbH Beratung Training und Coaching, Groove Kiteboarding, Triggernaut Sportsglasses, BUOY WEAR and Onexe

Professional Kitesurfer, Videographer and Coach. Spanish Formula Kite Cup Champion 2019
I started to Kitesurf in 1999, but I have been flying kites since I was 12 years old. I was always fascinated by all typed of kites. I taught myself to Kitesurf in Blackpool England as I was studying in Manchester at the time. I was kitebuggying quite a lot in those days, so it was an easy progression onto the water. Lot's of swimming in those days, as water-relaunchable kites still had to make an appearance.

I moved to Fuerteventura in 2002 to work as a kite instructor at the Flag Beach Kitesurf Center. I worked full time for 4 years and developed many skills and teaching techniques that have made Flag Beach one of the most successful Kitecenters in the World. Developing techniques to teach from a boat made a huge difference.

In 2004 I joined Peter Lynn Kiteboarding and had 5 great years riding for them and helping out in the development of the Synergy and Charger kites and the Navigator bar.

In 2009 it was time for new challenges and I joined Flysurfer Kiteboarding. In 2010 I managed to become German Race Champion and also took on the responsibility of Team Manager.

Now in 2013 I have the goal to become the Slalom World Champion and also the Race Masters Champion
Personal interests
All things Kite, Longboarding, Surfing, Windsurfing, Music

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