Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

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4 weeks ago

To honour their 20-year legacy, Mystic has created a book. Outspoken: The Story of Mystic and Its People recount their early days, memorable photoshoots, breakthrough…

2 months ago

20 Years of Mystic - Relive their journey! Back when we got started in 2002, we had no idea what we were in for. We…

2 months ago

It's time to hear it from the king. Lorenzo Casati has just released World of Loren- Episode 3 - 11 minutes of pure stoke.

2 months ago

North Kiteboarding is proud to partner with Red Bull King of The Air, an event that celebrates the elements and our athletes like none other.…

3 months ago

Get the inside scoop from Mystic team riders competing at the Red Bull King of the Air. Key moments & insights from the 2021 KOTA…

3 months ago

To celebrate their continued partnership with the most extreme kiteboarding competition worldwide, North is giving away THREE Limited Edition Red Bull King of the Air…

3 months ago

KOTA 2022 is just around the corner! This year, North Kiteboarding and Red Bull King of the Air are partnering to celebrate their 10th anniversary…

4 months ago

It's the news Big Air fans around the world have been waiting for... the list of riders who will compete in the upcoming 2022 Red…

4 months ago

Experience the King's Big Air world for the next 50 seconds... Born with it. Born for it. Courage is Calling. Big Air '23. View North's…

5 months ago

North's Atmos Carbon has been master-crafted by their skilled engineers, who have carefully positioned the full carbon laminate layup to provide balanced torsional stiffness and…

5 months ago

The team at North are stoked to announce the launch of the new Orbit, Atmos Carbon, Atmos Hybrid, Astra and Flex LX and we've got…

6 months ago

The dates for the 10th annual Red Bull King of the Air have been announced, and this milestone event will be bigger and better than…

Issue 90

After a King of the Air with more upsets than our travel plans this year, it's clear we're in the midst of a big shift in the world of Big Air. We take a look at what the new generation of Big Air kiting looks like, with words from retiring kings, first-time competitors, and more, right here in this exclusive IKSURFMAG feature!

1 year ago
Issue 90

North Kiteboarding's Hugh Pinfold fills us in on what's new at North, how he got his start in product design, and what it takes to work at a leading brand! Read the interview exclusively at IKSURFMAG!

1 year ago
Issue 89

Marc Jacobs knows a thing or two when it comes to Big Air! In this interview, we find out all about Marc: his childhood, KOTA, Big Air, mental health and even topics like marriage, handbags, and perfumes - we've got it all exclusively at IKSURFMAG!

1 year ago
Issue 86

Hydrofoil designer George Hadril joined the North team to develop their latest foil equipment. Read about how he works, and get the low down on the best foil he has ever designed in this North Tech Focus!

2 years ago
Issue 61

Max Blom from Mystic drops by for a chat, they've just won our reader's awards for the fifth year in a row, and they seem to be unstoppable at the moment. We find out what makes them tick and how they keep on top of their game.

6 years ago
16 years ago

2x Vice world Champion
4th Redbull kota 2020
12x NZ champ

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