Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Pro Rider | 18,080

1 day ago

North Kiteboarding's most popular high-performance freeride board for explosive boosting, looping and stable, predictable landings. The Atmos is a powerful upwind with precise edge control.…

4 weeks ago

Have all your questions answered by Marc Jacobs! Marc is not just a megaloop maniac, he also knows a thing or two about control systems. Marc played…

1 month ago

Nothing teaches design like nature. Only when you feel the unpredictable force of the elements take you away can you understand how to design for…

2 months ago

Engineered and refined for connection, comfort and performance, North Kiteboarding's Flex Bindings give you a locked-in feel and solid support. Extremely soft KnitFlex straps are…

2 months ago

Marc Jacobs - making it look effortless on his North 2021 gear!

2 months ago

North Kiteboarding 2021 Prime has arrived! Instantly familiar, intuitive and comfortable, the Prime helps you progress faster in your freeride game. A sweet performer in…

2 months ago

Introducing North Kiteboarding's 2021 Atmos Carbon - your big air and performance freeride board. With a dynamic and responsive full carbon lay up, a new…

2 months ago

Introducing North Kiteboarding's 2021 Orbit - Refined and engineered for even bigger boosts, better loops and longer hangtime. Watch this!

3 months ago

Mystic announces that the official KOTA merchandise will be sold online! For the first and final time, they will give you the chance to snatch…

6 months ago

Big lifts. Big jumps. Big Loops. The Orbit is Marc Jacobs kite of choice, winner of the highest jump at this year's King of the…

6 months ago

North Big Air riders Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen, Graham Howes, Tom Bridge and Marc Jacobs huddle in a caravan on the North Big Air Shoot…

7 months ago

Boost. Loop. Foil. Surf. The Reach is a lively and playful all-around performer with unparalleled versatility and wind range for big jumps, upwind performance and…

Issue 61

Max Blom from Mystic drops by for a chat, they've just won our reader's awards for the fifth year in a row, and they seem to be unstoppable at the moment. We find out what makes them tick and how they keep on top of their game.

4 years ago
14 years ago

-2013 Vice PKRA World Champion -2015 Vice Big Air World Champion -8x NZ Champion / Nicknamed ‘MJ’ Marc Jacobs grew up with salt in his veins and wind in his face. It took him 3 years of saving up his earnings from his paper run before he could afford a kite and spent a year playing with his kite on the beach and jumping off sand dunes, before he could afford a board to go with it. Once he finally got a board under his feet things took off pretty quickly. He has already trail blazed an illustrious career path including 3 New Zealand Junior National titles, 5 New Zealand Open Men's titles and a string of Podiums on the PKRA world tour. On land he is eccentric and energetic. Caught up in his own world. Crazy is as crazy does. Constantly throwing backflips. But out on the water he is known for his strength, energy and control. In his unique, piercing green, cat like eyes you can see his drive and his passion, and now all eyes are on Marc. He has definitely captured the attention of the kiting world! Kitesurfing / wakeboarding / Freerunning / pargliding Sportsperson

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