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Marc Jacobs

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2 weeks ago

Always Keep it stylish 😎

📸 Mike Peffers Photography

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1 month ago

Riding around with my Bbtalkin NZ hat on. Such an awesome device to help your friends progress faster. Weather it’s learning to kite for the first time or learning a new trick. You can communicate with them the whole Journey. If this sounds like something your interested in feel free to use my - Promo code: marcjacobs the link is in my bio🗣🏄🏼‍♂️

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2 months ago

Few hits last week at Rixen Cableways NZ 🔨
📸 @fabiopicinato

Ballistics Wake & Snow
Carl's Jr. NZ
Switch Kiteboarding

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2 months ago

Back in my playground😁 📸 @fabiopicinato

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3 months ago

Always more fun shredding with @kitepooch 😜🐶 📸 @mike_peffers_photography

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4 months ago


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4 months ago

Green light to run the Waterbourne big air tomorrow. Friday’s forecast looking the strongest out of the three days see you all there! 🚀

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Marc Jacobs updated their profile picture.
4 months ago
-2013 Vice PKRA World Champion
-2015 Vice Big Air World Champion
-8x NZ Champion /
Nicknamed ‘MJ’ Marc Jacobs grew up with salt in his veins and wind in his face. It took him 3 years of saving up his earnings from his paper run before he could afford a kite and spent a year playing with his kite on the beach and jumping off sand dunes, before he could afford a board to go with it. Once he finally got a board under his feet things took off pretty quickly.

He has already trail blazed an illustrious career path including 3 New Zealand Junior National titles, 5 New Zealand Open Men's titles and a string of Podiums on the PKRA world tour.

On land he is eccentric and energetic. Caught up in his own world. Crazy is as crazy does. Constantly throwing backflips. But out on the water he is known for his strength, energy and control. In his unique, piercing green, cat like eyes you can see his drive and his passion, and now all eyes are on Marc. He has definitely captured the attention of the kiting world!
Personal info
Pro Kiteboarder
Sponsored by SwitchKites and Mysticboarding Carl's Jr

follow me and my journey.
Personal interests
Kitesurfing / wakeboarding / Freerunning / pargliding

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