Lewis Wilby

Lewis Wilby

Pro Rider

3 years ago

Join Lewis Wilby onboard the 12m Flysurfer Soul for a session at Brancaster. Even though the wind was low, he still managed to get in...

3 years ago

Here's something a little different - The conditions aligned and Lewis Wilby finally hit the skate park with his skateboard, landboard and kite! I spent...

3 years ago

After riding out three lockdowns, Lewis Wilby is ready to hit the ground running (or rolling, in this case) and get back on the kite!...

3 years ago

You don't need to live by the water to go kiteboarding! Lewis Wilby shows us how much fun you can have on solid ground with...

3 years ago

Another landboarding video popping up this week?! Must be getting colder in the Northern hemisphere... Lewis Wilby squeezes in a session after work landing some...

4 years ago

Lewis Wilby drags his new kicker down the beach for a session on the 18m Flysurfer Soul - watch this!

4 years ago

A quick edit of FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Lewis Wilby at Brancaster on the Flysurfer SOUL kite and RUSH kiteboard.

4 years ago

Lewis Wilby shares a session from Brancaster on his Flysurfer Soul.

6 years ago

Pulling tricks over the water is one thing, but pulling moves like this over unforgiving solid ground is another thing entirely! We take our hat...

7 years ago

European Kite Land Boarding Freestyle Champion and Flysurfer Kiteboarding rider Lewis Wilby just finished a new edit with videographer Ash Garwood. Lewis throwing in his...

8 years ago

We still find it somewhat insane that these tricks are even possible above solid ground! Check out this awesome video of Flysurfer Kiteboarding rider Lewis...

9 years ago

Lewis Wilby & Laurent Guyot battle it out with some crazy unhooked landboarding tricks at the KLB Open 2015. Riding in light winds on the...


European Champion 2015
British Champion 2015
German Open Champion 2010
British Champion 2009
European Champion 2006

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