Sensi Graves

Sensi Graves

Pro Rider

3 months ago

Watch Team Gold from the KPL 2023 - Captained by Brandon Schied was packed with talent, including Alexander Lewis-Hughes, Sensi Graves, Nick Baines, Devin Carboll,…

8 months ago

Sensi Graves is one of the most influential women in our industry, having made her mark on the pro riding scene while starting and running…

9 months ago

Event Champions are Crowned - An electric crowd and pumping music set the stage for the women’s and men’s final heats as the GKA wrapped…

10 months ago

Ride Engine is stoked to introduce its all-new Onsen line of wetsuits, constructed with 100% Yamamoto#40 neoprene. No corners were cut, and no details were…

1 year ago

Smaller, lighter riders, compromise and sacrifice no more - Slingshot's Luna V2 has been designed specifically for you! Borrowing DNA from our iconic Misfit, the…

1 year ago

A properly fitted and adjusted harness is essential for your on-water performance. Ride Engine revolutionised the fit and adjustment of this critical piece of equipment…

1 year ago

Day two of the Team Battle brought a change of scenery to Hood River with a momentary pause in the river’s notoriously consistent wind patterns.…

1 year ago

Slingshot's LUNA V2 was designed with smaller, lighter riders in mind. Borrowing DNA from their iconic Misfit, the narrow-bodied LUNA offers all the performance and…

2 years ago

No kiteboarding in this one, but if you've been meaning to start wake foiling - you better check this out with over 15 detailed lessons…

2 years ago

With over 50 detailed lessons that will take you from the beginning of your learning journey to being an advanced rider in no time at…

3 years ago

They give it their all, fall, and get back up again. Progression takes work and these women aren't afraid to get their hair wet! No…

3 years ago

Slingshot Sports is pleased to announce the addition of SENSI GRAVES to the Kiteboarding, Foil and Wingsurfing Team. Sensi first started kiting full time while…

Issue 99

Earning one of the biggest names in park riding while running a successful bikini brand, Sensi Graves has had a noteworthy career. But being a pro rider isn't always about competing, and Sensi remains in the game even after retiring from competitive riding. So, what does her life look like Then VS Now? Find out in this article!

6 months ago
Issue 95

Feast your eyes on some of our favourite photos from this issue in our Lightroom gallery!

1 year ago
Issue 94

In On The Fly, we keep you in the know on what’s happening in the kite industry! This issue, we check out the latest feature length kite film, and catch up with pro riders Sensi Graves, Ben Beholz, and Cohan van Dijk. Mathias Larsen gives us some top tips on using your GoPro, and we hear what’s new from Harlem Kitesurfing. Read all about it in On The Fly!

1 year ago
Issue 91

From race reports to snowkiting to the lagoons of Brazil, we check in with a few of your favourite riders and brands to see what’s going on. Don’t miss out on the latest industry news, rider stories, and product releases, all right here in On The Fly!

2 years ago
Issue 90

While kiting is technically a solo sport, Crystal Veness believes that community is the keystone to kitesurfing, and that sessions only get better when shared! Read more in our Issue 90 Editorial!

2 years ago
Issue 87

What’s been happening in the world of wind? We catch up on the latest news from the industry, including new team riders, changes within the brands, and even a look at the astronomical growth of the wing industry! Stay in the know with On The Fly!

2 years ago
Issue 85

During any normal year, these three women would be thousands of miles apart on their own kite adventures. This year, they were looking for winter wind a little closer to home. What happens when you combine three ladies with a shared passion for kiting, snow, and sharing the stoke with other women? The answers lie in this article!

3 years ago
Issue 84

The best photos without anywhere else to go!

3 years ago
Issue 79

In a freshen up for 2020, Female Focus is gone and replaced with Insight, still focussing on women but this time around the ladies in the industry who you might not have heard of but who are making big waves within the sport. LynDee Talmage is the marketing communications and content manager for Slingshot. Find out how she got there and what her role entails right here.

4 years ago
Issue 78

Is kitesurfing expensive? Or is it too cheap? Rou Chater puts his best maths hat on to work out what the real cost of kiteboarding is and comes to some interesting conclusions. If you've ever wondered about the costs of kites, this one is for you...

4 years ago
Issue 78

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

4 years ago
Issue 77

Can we carry on as we are as a kiteboarding industry or do we need to make drastic changes to our habits and processes for our sport to become environmentally neutral? Join Rou Chater as he turns his journo mode on as he sets out to discover what is happening right now and what can be done moving forward.

4 years ago

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