Kristin Boese

Kristin Boese

Pro Rider

12 years ago

Kristin introduces her new board for 2012 which is hugely popular with the female riders out there, no doubt a few ladies will be rocking...

Issue 100

In this edition of Insight, we're honouring each of the women that have graced the cover of IKSURFMAG since our inception in 2006! Some still regularly appear in this magazine, while others have taken steps in different directions. We caught up with these talented ladies to discover how kiting has impacted their lives and continues to shape who they are today. Join the Cover Girls of IKSURFMAG in this Issue #100 special feature!

11 months ago
Issue 39

Kristin is one of the hardest working athletes in the industry, she has been there since day one and is still tirelessly enthusiastic about even after all these years!

11 years ago
Issue 17

Kristin is the undisputed 8 times World Champion with titles in Freestyle, Waves and Course Racing, arguably there is no better all round performer!

15 years ago
Issue 8

Gavin Bulter now divides his time between the US and Brazil for the most part, but his heart will always be in Australia he lets us know why.

16 years ago
15 years ago

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