Ramiro Gallart

Ramiro Gallart

Pro Rider

3 months ago

Well, that's it, folks; the 2023 KPL season has come to an end - Watch the Kite Park League 2023 highlights here with Xander Raith,...

5 months ago

Drone moments by Alexander Lewis-Hughes featuring Ramiro Gallart, Ewan Jaspan, Katie Potter, Noe Font, Brendan Kerr, Xander Raith - Check it out!

6 months ago

Watch Team Scarlet who claimed the top spot at the 2024 KPL Team Battle ft Ramiro Gallart, Jack Reider, Alex Meindi, Chase Hasch, Einar Saad,...

9 months ago

Watch the KPL Championship Tour 2023 recap vid right here! The awards ceremony and closing party hosted by the DPC (Duotone Pro Center) kicked off...

9 months ago

Five years without riding these epic waves... but they're finally back! Ramiro is stoked to be reunited with the team at one of their fave...

11 months ago

The Kite Park League is back in action, and the first event of this calendar year happened in February in Argentinian Patagonia. Park rider Ramiro...

1 year ago

Ewan Jaspan just released this banger edit from his 2022 Hood River escapades; enjoy! Filmed by: Long Lens/ Other Contributors: Lauren Holman, Katie Potter, Jack...

1 year ago

Featuring Jack Rieder, Ramiro Gallart, Lauren Holman, Alexandra Torres, Lucas Muzio, Luca Seer, and  Juan Rodriguez - Watch Airush's latest film Anthology Part 2 ripped...

1 year ago

PART TWO HAS ARRIVED! Chase it. Bring the fire. ft Juan Rodriguez, Jack Rieder, Ramiro Gallart and more... Anthology noun a published collection of poems...

1 year ago

Ewan Jaspan shares all his clips from this year's trip to Brazil. It was super fun riding with no pressure to perform and no events...

1 year ago

Take a trip down memory lane with Jack Rieder! Although Jack’s only been kiteboarding for about six years, his relationship with the oceans and lakes...

2 years ago

Join Victor Hays in Cape Town as he packs some Lithium's and meets up with the Airush crew for a day of fun-filled Freeride! Are...

Issue 100

Kitesurfing is for everyone, and the excitement of getting an epic kiting photo is hard to beat. This extra special edition of Lightroom features a mix of photos from casual kiters and professional athletes! Check it out!

7 months ago
Issue 98

Park riding, a niche segment of kite sports, is one of the closest-knit communities in competitive kiteboarding. After a quiet few years due to the pandemic, park riding is experiencing a revival, starting with the first Kite Park League event of the year in Patagonia! In this feature article, Editor Crystal Veness interviews some of the key members of the park community to find out what went down in Patagonia, and what's coming up for the future of this discipline!

11 months ago
Issue 98

In On The Fly, we go all around the world in just a few short pages! Find out what Cohan Van Dijk and Johanna Catharina-Edin have been up to in South Africa. Then, head over to Brazil with the World Class Kite Academy and Ramiro Gallart. And, last but not least, watch some of the latest video releases from Slingshot and Prolimit!

11 months ago
Issue 94

Lightroom Issue 94 is the place to feast your eyes on some of this issue’s best photos!

2 years ago
Issue 91

The best photos with nowhere else to go, feast your eyes on our photo gallery in Lightroom Issue 91!

2 years ago
Issue 90

In the last issue of 2021, we chased wind all over the UK and South Africa to put the latest kite gear to the test! Find out what the IKSURFMAG Test Team thought about the kite of Kings, the new North Orbit, along with some fancy new kit from Eleveight, Airush, Manera, and Ion!

2 years ago
Issue 90

So many photos, so little space! Lightroom Issue 90 features a few of our favourite kiteboarding shots from the past two months. Check it out!

2 years ago
Issue 88

Leaving travel plans to the last minute is like rolling the dice. If you’re willing to gamble, you might just get lucky. On a mission to get to the USA, with time running out and no clue how to get there, this crew struck gold with a trip to Turks & Caicos! Click here to read the article!

3 years ago
Issue 72

Alex Maes and Annelous Lammerts are two of the most passionate kiters on the planet, when Alex discovered a new spot in Brazil he knew he had to get all his friends together and build a kite park! Check out the full story right here!

5 years ago

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Professional kiteboarder
From Argentina
Born in 10/06/1996
Ride for: Liquid force kites, 2Wind & Alpinestars

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