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Five years without riding these epic waves… but they’re finally back! Ramiro is stoked to be reunited with the team at one of their fave spots, Matanzas, and celebrate Ramiro’s dad’s big 6-0 – watch this!

It has been five years since Ramiro Gallart’s last trip together to Matanzas, Chile, one of the most amazing wave spots he has ever ridden. Unfortunately, due to COVID and a few other factors, their annual trips to this place were suspended for a long time. However, in March of this year, his father turned 60, and that became the catalyst to reunite the whole team once again and celebrate our love for the ocean, life, and this incredible sport.

My dad has always been more of a wave rider, and Matanzas is one of the gems he discovered back in 2008. In this video, you will see me and my two best friends, Matias Lee and Manu Pearson, riding back to back. This is a testament to the legacy of our fathers, Matias Gallart, Daeki Lee, and Manolo Pearson, who taught us how to enjoy our time here as true watermen.

Tue 30th May, 2023 @ 9:00 pm


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