Michaela Pilkenton

Michaela Pilkenton

Pro Rider

1 month ago

Watch Michaela Pilkenton's King of the Cove 2024 entry video right here!

2 months ago

We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time!

2 months ago

Watch Michaela Pilkenton for a session on Hood River's sandbar!

2 months ago

High vibes with Michaela Pilkenton and the crew!

9 months ago

Have you seen Michaela Pilkenton's 2023 Cold Hawaii entry video yet?!

9 months ago

GO BIG, NAISH STYLE! Starring Michaela Pilkenton, Jinne Boer, Stig Hoefnagel, Timo Boersema - Get ready for extreme kiteboarding action in Robby Naish Pro Kiter...

9 months ago

Follow some of the Naish kiteboarding team, including, Michaela Pilkenton, Stig Hoefnagel, Jinne Boer, and Julian Meijvogel as they take on the big air sessions...

10 months ago

Watch Michaela Pilkenton's BAKL video entry and let us know if you think she deserves a spot!

10 months ago

Ready for this?! Naish Big Air rider Michaela Pilkenton is hosting her Catching Air Camp in July at Floras Lake in Oregon, USA. This camp...

12 months ago

Go beyond the façade of Instagram and dive into Naish Kiteboarding's Michaela Pilkenton's candid thoughts about being a woman in kiteboarding. Pour yourself a cup...

1 year ago

Epic views. Thrilling action. There's a reason that South Africa is the home of big air. Take a look at Naish Kiteboarding team riders Stig...

1 year ago

Welcome to summertime in Florence! Naish Kiteboarding's Michaela Pilkenton takes on the Oregon Coast; with gusty winds, massive sends, strong crashes, and some shenanigans.

Issue 100

There's big news over at Naish Kiteboarding, with a newly updated product range hitting the market this month, and some big changes to the development team, with Pro Rider Ewan Jaspan stepping into the role of Kite Designer. We caught up with Ewan in this Q&A to discover what's new at Naish!

8 months ago
Issue 97

Big waves, big air, Brazil sessions, and kiting in blizzards; it's all right here in On The Fly. We've wrapped up the latest news from your favourite brands and riders. Stay in the know with On The Fly!

1 year ago
Issue 96

The newest Naish Kiteboarding Team member is already making a splash, and it's not just on the water. Micha tells us all about her kiting life, passion for supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and fills us in on her epic plans for 2023. In this exclusive interview with Jen Tyler, we've got it all!

1 year ago

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Watch Michaela Pilkenton's King of the Cove 2024 entry video right here!nn @Michaela Pilkenton @Naish Kiteboarding @Ride Engine

1 month ago

We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time!nn @Michaela Pilkenton @Naish Kiteboarding @Ride Engine

2 months ago

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