Lou Wainman

Lou Wainman

Pro Rider

4 years ago

#KitersInIsolation- Sit back with a beer and enjoy an hour-long film all about the very beginnings of kitesurfing. All the players who were involved right...

5 years ago

We've come a long way since the days of no depower, no safety, and no space for error whatsoever, and we forget how lucky we...

9 years ago

Maui will always be the spiritual home of kiteboarding and in this stunning edit Light Bros showcase it in all it's glory. Featuring the Wainman...

9 years ago

Wainman have just dropped this high quality production showcasing their new twin tip collection. Set on Maui, this edit is bound to have you pumped...

10 years ago

For anyone wondering what all the fuss is about with Lou Wainman lately, check out this clip of him riding for the Ten4 movie waaaaaaay...

10 years ago

It's #ThrowbackThursday; how's this for a fun way to spend the evening? Sit back with a beer and enjoy an hour long film all about...

12 years ago

Feast your eyes on some typical Wainman Style in this great edit!

12 years ago

Check out the new movie from Wainman Hawaii, Sicily Cruzin 2.0 With the Wainman Team repping the new gear, Lou, Chris, Hannah, Nicco and Franz...

12 years ago

Wainman Hawaii have just dropped this new full length movie on the Internet, we have to say it is pretty awesome! Check it out! Enjoy...

12 years ago

Wainman Hawaii just dropped these images of their new surfboards for 2012, shaped once more by Sean Ordonez there are 3 boards in the line up, the...

Issue 104

Kelly Slater, Ricky Carmichael and Michael Jordan are all considered The Greatest Of All Time in their respective sports, but who is the GOAT in kiteboarding? Click here to find out; some of the names might surprise you!

3 months ago
Issue 51

We chat to Mike Husky Przeciechowski the lead designer and creative director at Wainman Hawaii to find out what makes the brand tick.

9 years ago
Issue 22

Wainman Hawaii has had a meteoric rise to fame, namely because the man behind the brand is such an enigma. We get to speak to the crew and get a rare interview with Lou.

14 years ago
Issue 10

The biggest, most thorough guide to the history of the sport ever written; with collaboration from various legends who were there! This really is essential reading...

16 years ago

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