Ben Beholz

Ben Beholz

Pro Rider

2 days ago

In Ben Beholz's latest Freistiel vlog, he starts the day with a foil session, then a wingsurfing session, and a freestyle session before hitting the…

1 week ago

With a good forecast, Ben Beholz is back on the road, headed south of Sardinia, visiting Capo Di Pula, Stintino and L'Almanarre.

3 weeks ago

Ben Beholz scores big with the wind gusting at 30 knots and butter-flat waters! Who doesn't love conditions like that?!

1 month ago

Been trying to land a KGB lately? Well, Ben Beholz lets us in on a few top tips in his latest vlog!

1 month ago

In Ben Beholz's latest vlog, he talks us through the steps to nail your first wingfoiling Heelside Tack - Any questions? Comment below!

2 months ago

Ben Beholz is back in Ponta Trettu, and in this vlog, Ben explains his recent series of unfortunate kiting debacles, and his recovery from them,…

2 months ago

Get ready for winter with Prolimit's Vapor, Mercury and Oxygen wetsuits featuring the Thermal Rebound technology. This is an extra layer in between the neoprene…

2 months ago

As Ben Beholz recuperates from an injury, he packs his wingfoil set up away for a minute and heads outfor some freestyle action... Watch his…

3 months ago

It's time to check Lake Como off your bucket list! Ben Beholz's latest vlog is out, and in it, he shares his top tips for…

3 months ago

Core Gave Me Wings! Christmas came early for Ben Beholz this year, and he just received his brand-new CORE wingfoiling set-up! Check out his review…

3 months ago

You don't need a mega yacht to have fun kitesurfing on a boat... just a bit of wind and a great crew of friends! The…

4 months ago

If you've been dreaming of a kite trip to Denmark, you won't want to miss the latest FREISTIEL vlog! Ben Beholz takes you on the…

Issue 95

Groundbreaking winter wetsuit technology begs to be paired with extreme conditions, and that’s what the Prolimit team was in search of on their latest Prolimit Mission. Join Kim Douma as she meets up with Ben Beholz and the crew in snowy Switzerland!

2 months ago
Issue 94

In On The Fly, we keep you in the know on what’s happening in the kite industry! This issue, we check out the latest feature length kite film, and catch up with pro riders Sensi Graves, Ben Beholz, and Cohan van Dijk. Mathias Larsen gives us some top tips on using your GoPro, and we hear what’s new from Harlem Kitesurfing. Read all about it in On The Fly!

4 months ago
Issue 92

Your choices matter in kiteboarding. Whether it's who you voted for in our Readers Awards, what gear you spend your money on, or how you engage with rider and brand content online, your decisions fuel the industry. Read more, and hear from your Readers Awards winners in this IKSURFMAG feature by editor Crystal Veness!

8 months ago
Issue 87

It's the classic dream of the passionate kitesurfer: To break free from the chains of the corporate world and follow the wind wherever it takes you. In this article, Ben Beholz shares how his drive to kite has taken him out of the office and onto the road full time. Read on for some van life inspiration!

1 year ago
Issue 87

At 36 years old, Prolimit is one of the oldest accessory brands in the wind and water sports industry. Their line of moulded and hardback harnesses uses a unique approach, and we’ve taken a closer look. Click here to find out what’s inside a Prolimit harness!

1 year ago
Issue 86

Behind the scenes of every kite brand are the hidden figures dreaming up ideas, ploughing through paperwork, and making decisions that drive the brand forward. In Insight, we get to know the women at work in the industry. In this issue, we meet Linda van Lakwijk from Kubus Sports BV and Prolimit. Read more to hear her story!

2 years ago
Issue 83

More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

2 years ago
Issue 79

The most popular movies from our website over the last two months!

3 years ago
Issue 76

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

3 years ago
Issue 51

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

7 years ago

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