Ben Beholz

Ben Beholz

Pro Rider | 3,642

1 week ago

Being injured is like walking barefoot in a dark room with broken glass on the ground. You keep moving but every step scares you. You…

3 weeks ago

There's not much that can beat the first session back on the water after an injury, and Ben Beholz was lucky enough to score some…

1 month ago

The new CORE foil is here and all the riders that had some sneaky sessions before the release can finally talk about it! Let's hear…

2 months ago

Off the water on injury is a great time to relax and catch up on the small screen. But instead of binging The Queen's Gambit…

2 months ago

It's all fun and games until... Ben Beholz is on a kite trip in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean and had an unlucky…

2 months ago

Do you ever have days when you're having so much fun that you just can't stop kiting? Ben Beholz goes for the trifecta in his…

3 months ago

Can you have fun kiting in 10 knots or less? On a twin tip?! Ben Beholz loves light wind for learning new freestyle moves on…

3 months ago

This 2020 recap takes us all over the world alongside Ben Beholz on his Core kites. Sun, snow, sand, ice, and everything in between! Ben's…

4 months ago

With 35 knots on the beach and even more on the water, Ben Beholz found the closest thing he could to Cape Town conditions in…

4 months ago

Ben Beholz is back with another vlog and a crazy story about how the promise of perfect conditions in the South of France led him…

4 months ago

If you've been wondering how to do a stylish beach start, Ben Beholz is here with an excellent tutorial that will show you how! Whether…

5 months ago

Ben Beholz celebrates 10 years of kiteboarding. Check out this compilation of his best videos over the years, plus some hidden talents we were unaware…

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