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5 days ago

A short trailer of my latest FREISTIEL SERIES -> Link In My BIO <- #freistiel #kiterelaxsharethestoke #kitesurfing #gokiting #ripseries

Ben Beholz is feeling happy in Silvaplana, Switzerland.
6 days ago

My new FREISTIEL SERIES is online, don‘t miss it...

Ben Beholz posted a photo
1 week ago

So sick to pull some of these again today 😍 Kinda love backmobes more on smaller kites... #ripseries #freistiel #freistielseries #kiterelaxsharethestoke #gokiting

Ben Beholz posted a photo
1 week ago

Hey world 🤗
#freistiellifestyle #kiterelaxsharethestoke #vanlife #sunrise

Ben Beholz is feeling fantastic in Silvaplana, Switzerland.
2 weeks ago

Silvplana See - Ein Kitesurfparadies 1800m über dem Meeresspiegel

Ben Beholz is celebrating your special day at Bodensee / Lake Constance.
2 weeks ago

Moin an die deutschsprachige Youtubegemeinde, es gibt gute Nachrichten... In Zukunft gibt es Ben Beholz auch in deutsch auf meinem brandneuen Youtube-Kanal.

Auf FREISTIEL TV wird es in Zukunft in regelmässigen Abständen geile Videos rund um unseren heiss geliebten Sport geben.

Ob nun der Ben Beholz-Kanal weiter geführt wird und was sich ändert erkläre ich euch im Video unten.

Schaut rein und lasst mir euer Feedback da und vorallem ein ABO ...

Freu mich drauf

Ben Beholz is feeling happy in Hyères.
Ben Beholz is feeling happy in Hyères.
2 weeks ago

Found myself in the latest IKSURFMAG issue 76 😍

-> <-

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4 days ago | 4:12

Ben Beholz latest episode of Freistiel series couldn't have dropped at a better time - Enjoy this week's #wipeoutwednesday, plus a little extra!

3 weeks ago | 4:18

Ben Beholz takes on the challenge to teach Marissa how to do a Railey, in on session! Three simple steps... Can she nail it? Watch…

4 weeks ago | 5:14

In this episode of RIP Series, Ben Beholz get some inspiration from Gianmaria Coccoluto and attempts his FIRST EVER Front Fakeblind at Lake Silvaplana - Comment…

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Ben Beholz's latest episode of BOUCH is out and in this episode, he shares his secret to progression - check it out and let us…

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In Ben Beholz's latest series RIP, he shares the struggles of learning a new trick that we don't usually see on Instagram and Facebook... Need…

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In this episode of BOUCH, Ben Beholz talks us through the steps to master that Double Front Roll - check it out!

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Ben Beholz is back with his latest BOUCH vlog, and in this episode, he demonstrates his top 3 tricks for beginners - check it out!…

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Ben Beholz is back with his latest episode of BOUCH! A frontroll might be one of the most simple rotations to learn, but Ben shares…

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Unfortunately fake spring seems to have come to an end around most of Europe - check out what Ben Beholz got up last week on a…

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In this episode of BOUCH! Ben Beholz breaks down the keys tips and tricks to master a backmobe. Watch it. Try. it. Stomp it. Just go…

7 months ago | 3:37

In this episode of BOUCH! Ben Beholz shares some essential tips for anyone attempting to master a backroll handslide! Try it, stomp it, just go…

8 months ago | 5:20

Ben Beholz ventures out of his comfort zone, and swaps the northern seas for southern mountains. Living in Northern Germany, Snowkiting was never an option for…

Issue 76

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 weeks ago
Issue 51

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

4 years ago

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