Ben Beholz

Ben Beholz

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3 days ago

Straight from Croatia, Ben Beholz's just released his latest episode of 'Freistiel' -  Enjoy!

2 weeks ago

Check out Ben Beholz's latest vlog straight from Lake Como!

3 weeks ago

In Ben Beholz's latest episode of 'BOUCH', he breaks down the steps to nail a 313.  Got any questions? Let Ben know in the comments…

2 months ago

In Ben Beholz's latest episode of 'BOUCH', he shares some insight on how 'slack'  can be your biggest enemy or work to your advantage when…

2 months ago

Ben Beholz's latest episode of 'BOUCH' is all about kite control when landing a trick - check out his tips in this vid!

2 months ago

How far would you go for a one-of-a-kind kiting experience? Ben Beholz hikes 2.5 hours up a mountain with his kite gear in the hopes…

3 months ago

In Ben Beholz's latest episode of 'BOUCH', he talks all things board offs! Let us know what you think...

3 months ago

When Ben Beholz checked the forecast and saw that the conditions were in his favour at this 'dream spot, he packed up and drove all…

3 months ago

Have you ever kiteboarded on a glacier? Well, Ben Beholz just dropped his latest 'Freistiel' episode from 2400M above sea level where his dreams finally…

3 months ago

Ben Beholz just released the latest episode of 'Freistiel', and in this episode, he shares what he gets up to daily on Lake Silvaplana. Not…

3 months ago

Ben Beholz just dropped his latest episode of 'BOUCH', and in this one, he shares some frontroll variation inspiration - Enjoy!

4 months ago

Ben Beholz just released his latest tutorial on how to land a hooked front to blind, with a Crail grab. Up for trying something new…

Issue 87

It's the classic dream of the passionate kitesurfer: To break free from the chains of the corporate world and follow the wind wherever it takes you. In this article, Ben Beholz shares how his drive to kite has taken him out of the office and onto the road full time. Read on for some van life inspiration!

4 months ago
Issue 87

At 36 years old, Prolimit is one of the oldest accessory brands in the wind and water sports industry. Their line of moulded and hardback harnesses uses a unique approach, and we’ve taken a closer look. Click here to find out what’s inside a Prolimit harness!

4 months ago
Issue 86

Behind the scenes of every kite brand are the hidden figures dreaming up ideas, ploughing through paperwork, and making decisions that drive the brand forward. In Insight, we get to know the women at work in the industry. In this issue, we meet Linda van Lakwijk from Kubus Sports BV and Prolimit. Read more to hear her story!

6 months ago
Issue 83

More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

1 year ago
Issue 79

The most popular movies from our website over the last two months!

2 years ago
Issue 76

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 years ago
Issue 51

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

6 years ago

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