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Ben Beholz

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Ben Beholz posted a photo
4 days ago

That moment just after the sun went down 🙌 Thanks for the great shot @hmkphotog
#foiling #kitesurfing #freistiel #kiterelaxsharethestoke #gokiting #aftersunset

Ben Beholz is in Mandello del Lario.
Ben Beholz is in Mandello del Lario.
6 days ago

We call it „Nordföhn“.
When it kicks in it comes strong with +40kts. But even better is it comes always with shiny warm weather over the alps. Luckily we‘ve been able to catchup some of these moments with @kite_magazin and @hmkphotog
#nordföhn #kitesurfing #freistiel #gokiting #kiterelaxsharethestoke @freistiel_lifestyle @ Mandello del Lario

Ben Beholz posted a photo
7 days ago

Wooopa, a view I could get used to 😍 @freistiel_lifestyle
#kitesurfing #gokiting #kiterelaxsharethestoke #freistiel

Ben Beholz posted a photo
1 week ago

I should definitely start every day like that 😍 The pure relaxation 😌
#freistiel #sup #standuppaddling #kitesurfing #kiterelaxsharethestoke #earlybird

Ben Beholz posted a video
2 weeks ago

I will launch a new series on my youtube channel soon. -> #RIPSERIES
Any ideas what it could be about ?
The one thing I can promise is it‘s gonna be epic 😍 I really can‘t wait to share that with you 😊
#ripseries #gokiting #freistiel #kitesurfing #kiterelaxsharethestoke #newvideoplaylist

Ben Beholz posted a video
2 weeks ago

Yesss, I did it !
It‘s been on my list for ages -> <-
Thanks to @retohemmi for helping me out filming with his IPhone 😊🙏
CORE Kiteboarding Prolimit Freistiel
#freistielseries #icewater #2000maltitude #kitesurfing #gokiting #freistiel

Ben Beholz posted a video
2 weeks ago

FREISTIEL Gutschein im Wert von 25% auf alle FREISTIEL Produkte bleibt bis 10. 06. online... Danke !
Gutschein: DOYOURTHING ->

Ben Beholz is in Madesimo.
Ben Beholz is in Madesimo.
3 weeks ago

I‘m more than happy to finally present you my new FREISTIEL Teeshirts. It‘s such an unreal feeling to touch something that embodies everything I‘ve been working for the last years. Sometimes it‘s hard to trust in your own values and to follow your dream, but I’m sure it always pays off... I hope you guys like my new teeshirts as much as I do 😜
--> <--
Only for this weekend I‘ve prepared a voucher for you guys (25% off on FREISTIEL products) -> DOYOURTHING <-
Freistiel #freistiel #kiterelaxsharethestoke #kitesurfing #gokiting #doyourthing @ Madesimo

Ben Beholz posted a video
3 weeks ago

It‘s been a huge weekend with the boys at lake como 🏄💪-> New FREISTIEL SERIES in my BIO <-
#kitesurfing #freistiel #gokiting #kiterelaxsharethestoke #lakecomo #freeride

Ben Beholz is feeling happy in Lecco.
3 weeks ago


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