Antoine Verville

Antoine Verville

Pro Rider

4 months ago

Discover these top tips for packing your board bag and guarantee your gear is secure and ready for your upcoming adventure!

4 months ago

Antoine Verville just nailed his first downwind run up the river and it was way more exciting than he thought. It was a real test...

5 months ago

Check out Antoine Verville & Lara Berrio's latest movie Dread To Dream right here!

2 years ago

It's hard to resist watching a Brazil freestyle edit - Check out Antoine Verville's latest here! Video by Jonas Lion and Lara Berrio

3 years ago

Chase K Hasch hits La Boca River, DR for a freestyle, butter flat session in the warm Caribbean wind with Antoine Verville behind the lens...

5 years ago

In Antoine Verville's latest tutorial, he covers the steps to take to improve riding upwind, including body position, your riding speed and the kite positions.

5 years ago

Up for trying something new? In this tutorial, Antoine Verville talks us through the steps to land a Back Mobe.

5 years ago

In Antoine Verville's latest vlog, he talks us through the best way to 'Self Rescue', in his opinion. Please be cautious with this and do...

5 years ago

In this tutorial, Antoine Verville talks us through the steps to take if your kite is backstalling and what to do. Let us know what...

5 years ago

Brazil delivering! Watch Antoine Verville kiteboarding some of the best spots Brazil has on offer, including Barra Nova, Cauipe, Taiba, La Goinha and more... Good...

5 years ago

Occasionally, you might find yourself in a situation that you have to self-launch or self land your kite. In this tutorial, Antoine Verville demonstrates the...

5 years ago

In British Colombia, one thing to keep an eye out for are the ROCKS! For a generation of sensitive feet, Liquid Force came up with...


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