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Alex Caizergues

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Alex Caizergues posted a video
1 month ago

TUTO RAPIDO Num2 : How to ride/jibe with the F-ONE International Speed-Crossing GUN ! Ready for the DEFI KITE 🔥🔥🔥

Alex Caizergues posted a video
1 month ago

And you, how was your weekend? I tested the new Halo from F-ONE International, and this is pure joy!!!!!!!

Alex Caizergues is with Jean Marc Lagu and 11 others.
2 months ago

Wanna get some fresh air?!? Session 🚀 at home with da crew 💙💙💙

Alex Caizergues posted a video
2 months ago

What are you doing this weekend?

Alex Caizergues recommends Water Expeditions.
2 months ago

CRAZY TRIP ALERT!!!! My friend Jc Sonofkite from Water Expeditions organizes a cruise aboard The Curious, destination "The Sinbad Archipelago" and there are still spots available on the expedition of 11th to 19th of May 2019. If you're interested, give me a sign or contact him directly!!!

Alex Caizergues posted a photo
2 months ago

Aujourd'hui j'ai 40 ans!!! Ca me laisse encore quelques belles années de ride (et pas trop de rides hein!!!)😅🤙🚀
Une belle photo de Greg Beneteau of course 🙏

Alex Caizergues is with Matt Maxwell and 8 others.
3 months ago

Pour ceux qui ont peur des 🦈 à Capetown, voici probablement le seul aileron que vous aurez l'occasion de croiser en navigation!!! 😉
For those scared of 🦈 while kiting in Capetown... Here is probably the only fin you will be able to see out there!!! 😉

Alex Caizergues posted a photo
3 months ago

🌊 Right in the box!!! 🌊
Picture still by my @greg.beneteau at the tip of Africa continent!
#kitesurf #capetown #winter #southafrica #riding #waves #surf #emerald #capeofgoodhope

Alex Caizergues is with F-Recoque Honda and 6 others at Cap De Bonne Esperance, Afrique Du Sud.
Alex Caizergues is with F-Recoque Honda and 6 others at Cap De Bonne Esperance, Afrique Du Sud.
3 months ago

Sacrée 1ère session au Cap de Bonne Espérance 😍. Photo by Greg Beneteau et Thierry Bittau, merci les boys 🙏

Alex Caizergues is with Noir Matter and 6 others at Tobago Cays.
4 months ago

J'ai fait une petite vidéo pour donner quelques tips sur la façon de s'assoir sur son foil, vous en pensez quoi?

French professional and fastest kiteboarder on the planet. Love going fast!!!
Website :
Instagram / Twitter : @AlexAC21

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7 months ago | 5:21

All we do is Kiteboarding - well, that was before! We have now developed the gear which will make you enjoy every day, regardless of…

9 months ago

American kiteboarder Rob Douglas took his third Kite Speed World Championship crown after racing in perfect conditions at the Masirah Island event in Oman earlier…

9 months ago

Many of the world’s best kitesurfers are gathering from 18th to 22nd August in Oman for the high-adrenaline 2018 Kite Speed World Championship. A total of…

1 year ago | 01:00

4x kite speed world champion, 2x outright speed world record holder, 3x kite speed world record holder. Current kite speed world record holder with 56.62knots,…

2 years ago

57.97 knots is completely ridiculous! You all NEED to see this edit if you haven't yet.

2 years ago | 03:07

Mesmerising and atmospheric, this aerial edit features some beautiful shots. Perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

3 years ago

A bit of serendipity led F-One into developing an all-new kite, the FURTIVE. This new, high aspect ratio kite was originally designed to help Alex…

3 years ago | 3:15

Join Marie DN and Alex Caizergues as they kite the paradise that is Los Roques. It's a small Caribbean Island just North of Venezuela that features…

3 years ago | 01:41

Watch as Alex Caizergues jumps over sandpits and kitesurfs in stunning turquoise waters. Just to make us all jealous! Good one handed control is needed…

4 years ago | 02:18

Alex Caizergues's latest edit from Brazil is a lot of fun. It's easy to forget how good it is to head out kiting and just boost…

4 years ago | 03:40

What's new for 2016 for F-One? Pretty much everything! The entire range has had a huge overhaul with a major focus on not only the…

4 years ago | 02:43

Join Alex Caizergues as he surfs majestic and beautiful waves in Madagascar. This film is not to be missed! The GoPro angles, lighting and colours are…

Issue 52

We give you ten reasons why you need to jump on a hydrofoil, the future of the sport has arrived and it is time to get on board...

4 years ago
Issue 51

Rou Chater has joined the world of the foil boarders...

4 years ago
Issue 24

It is official once again; we are the fastest people on the water. Rob Douglas hit 55.65knots in Namibia!

8 years ago
Issue 11

For 20 years the 50knot speed sailing barrier has remained elusive, millions have been spent trying to break it, and many attempts have been made. In Africa 3 men put their names down in history, on kites...

11 years ago
Issue 10

The biggest, most thorough guide to the history of the sport ever written; with collaboration from various legends who were there! This really is essential reading...

11 years ago
Issue 5

Going fast is really good fun, if you haven't tried it lately you really should. Our guide explains exactly how you can get into speed. And we also talk to the fastest man on the planet with a kite right now Alex Caizergues.

12 years ago

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