Sam Light

Sam Light

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2 days ago

Sam Lights drops on of his first of many hydrofoil tutorials to come; these skills will help you with all your foil moves going forwards.

2 days ago

#KitersInIsolation - this is one worth watching over and over again! Times are tough, and some of us might, undoubtedly, be feeling a little anxious…

5 days ago

Grab that mat, and join Sam Light for a 20-min yoga, mobility and stretching session!

1 week ago

Clueless that this would be his last kiteboarding session for a while, Sam Light shares his session just before the UK government asked everyone to…

2 weeks ago

This one HAD to make it to the #KitersInIsolation movie list! Times are tough, and some of us might, undoubtedly, be feeling a little anxious…

2 weeks ago

Sam Light making the most out of the current situation!

2 months ago

Every year, the masses flock to Cape Town (just in time for King of the Air), and in this vlog, Sam Light shares a few…

2 months ago

Episode 7 of Dirty Car Confessions is out! Sam Light just arrived in Cape Town, and Graham Howes see what he has to say!

2 months ago

Sam Light's first few days back in Cape Town have been nothing short of epic! Windy big air sessions, downwinders with Willem Hooft and a…

2 months ago

You've gone through the lessons and put them to good use. You've practised until you are the last person on the water and couldn't possibly…

3 months ago

So this just happened! Sam Light and Jakes Kelsick's attempt to kitesurf around Antigua. Did they make it? Find out here!

3 months ago

Sam Light has released all sorts of exciting and informative vlogs this year, but this one left us all in awe! Watch Sam Light and…

Issue 79

In a freshen up for 2020, Female Focus is gone and replaced with Insight, still focussing on women but this time around the ladies in the industry who you might not have heard of but who are making big waves within the sport. LynDee Talmage is the marketing communications and content manager for Slingshot. Find out how she got there and what her role entails right here.

2 months ago
Issue 77

The most popular movies from our website over the last two months!

6 months ago
Issue 72

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

1 year ago
Issue 70

A lot of hard work goes into creating the Hood Jam, one of the premier events on kiteboarding’s calendar. Annelous Lammerts looks at the history behind the Jam and what makes it so unique.

2 years ago
Issue 67

Spoiler Alert: Kevin Langeree is the 2018 Red Bull King of the Air champion! However, it’s 2018, and the news about Kevin’s victory has already saturated the web. We go beyond a simple event recap, unpacking the drama and examining the factors that make Red Bull King of the Air the best day on the calendar for kiteboarding fans around the planet.

2 years ago
Issue 67

We’ve got more 2018 equipment being put through its paces this issue, gear from Slingshot, F-One, Naish, Ozone, RRD, North, Cabrinha and Ocean Rodeo gets featured!

2 years ago
Issue 64

The Kite Park League is having huge success as the best tour on the planet right now for pro riders. At the top, the gap has closed, and everything is to play for, this year's result is going to go right down to the wire!

3 years ago
Issue 62

Brandon Scheid heads to Asia and discovers everything isn’t quite as it seems, travelling in the east can be challenging, but if you are prepared to compromise the rewards can be endless!

3 years ago
Issue 60

We chat to Tim Turner, the man behind one of the biggest long distance kite races on the planet about what makes the event so popular and so successful, and also about how Nico Parlier can travel at 60kph for 19 minutes straight!

3 years ago
Issue 57

It’s that time of year when everyone who is anyone in the world of kite park riding heads to Real Watersports in Cape Hatteras to take on the slider park! Find out who won right here!

4 years ago
Issue 52

When good people get together to do good things, great things happen! The inaugural Hood River Slider Jam just went down in Portland and hammers were thrown...

5 years ago
Issue 52

Lindsay McClure heads to the Slingshot factory in Hood River to see how bringing manufacturing back home has improved their business model and what the brand have in store for the future!

5 years ago
5 years ago

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