Gijs Wassenaar

Gijs Wassenaar

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3 months ago

2 min of mind-blowing action, captured by Kyle Cabano. Capturing the stories of inspiring people and being able to re-tell it to thousands is an…

3 months ago

Light Years Ahead- As a brand, Airush enjoys delivering a unique creative expression, with the concept shot in mind, the perfect lightwind setup ready to…

5 months ago

The Red Bull King Of The Air 2020 saw Angely Bouillot as the first woman to qualify for the event! Find out what happened on…

6 months ago

Kevin Langeree is famous for his vlogs, but witnessing the Red Bull Megaloop challenge from Kevin Langaree’s perspective, took us to a whole new level!…

8 months ago

Savage riding from Ross Dillon, Josh Emmanuel, Jason van der Spuy and Gijs Wassenaar. With the winds battering around the 40-knot mark, some of the…

10 months ago

Gijs is a pretty normal guy until it starts getting really windy… Armed with the Union v5 and Apex v6, Gijs heads out to tackle…

11 months ago

New to the collective, Airush welcome Gijs Wassenaar! Joining the International Team, after achieving great heights, they are amped to see how high he can…

1 year ago

The Red Bull Megaloop challenge, from Kevin Langaree's perspective! KEVVLOG³ #12 is out, and it's a good one! Kevin got the 48 hours call before…

1 year ago

Reliving the gnarliest megaloops! Check out what went down during the Red Bull Megaloop event in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. Congrats to all the riders, you…

1 year ago

What a day! Just in case you weren't glued in front of your TV all day, we've got you covered! Watch the highlights of the…

1 year ago

Kevin Langeree just dropped KEVVLOG³ #6 - In this episode, The King of the Air is back on the North Sea in Holland enjoying some stormy…

1 year ago

The Red Bull King of the Air 2019, in association with Mystic, was a blast! 18 Of the world’s best and most extreme big air…

Issue 80

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3 months ago

Gijs Wassenaar, 25 years old, kiteboarding since 2008 and now pushing the big air side of the sport! sponsored by: Mystic, Airush and Kitemana Sportsperson

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