Camille Delannoy

Camille Delannoy

Pro Rider

3 months ago

Join us as local athlete Kelton Lopes takes us around the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup in Cape Verde! Subscribe to the GKA for more action!

5 months ago

Mystic’s Dysfunctional Beauty highlights the cold-water pursuit of glaciers, waterfalls, and black sand beaches, featuring kiteboarder Oswald Smith and kitesurfer Camille Delannoy. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime...

5 months ago

Kingfisher Lodge, Pagudpud, is uniquely positioned with perfect cross-shore conditions and a peaky swell wrapping onto a relatively shallow reef only 200m from the beach....

5 months ago

Go behind the scenes of the Kite-Surf events in Brazil, Germany and Morocco, diving into the minds of top riders on the tour. Subscribe to...

5 months ago

Enjoy 14 days in the Philippines while warm Amihan trades blow constantly side-onshore. Join the North team as they navigate the islands on bangka boats,...

6 months ago

Mystic's latest video Right to Roam Norway, is OUT!  Ozzy, Camille, Vincent and Jop were pumped about going off the grid and being disconnected. In...

8 months ago

Watch the men and women's wave finals from the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup in Dakhla!

9 months ago

Get ready to ride the waves with the brand-new 2024 Surf Collection from North Kiteboarding! From innovative board designs to cutting-edge technology, this collection has...

10 months ago

We ride free. We push against constraint, limitation, and anything that fences us in. There is only one North. #RunFlyBe - Embracing its North Sails...

11 months ago

Ladies & gents... Camille Delannoy!

11 months ago

Kicking the week off with Camille Delannoy!

12 months ago

Camille Delannoy bringing the heat to Tarifa!

Issue 102

Embark on a cold-weather kitesurfing adventure in Norway with Camille Delannoy and Oswald Smith! In a country boasting the "Right to Roam," the team faces endless challenges in pursuit of the perfect kiting conditions. Despite it all, it's a trip the crew won't soon forget!

5 months ago
Issue 100

Discover a pristine kitesurfing spot in the Philippines with Camille and Capucine Delannoy! In this article, you'll follow the pair as they navigate the challenges of discovering a new location while shooting the new North collection. You'll be inspired by their approach to riding in unexplored waters and embracing a new culture as they share their 10-day journey into the unknown…

9 months ago
Issue 97

Join Camille Delannoy and Oswald Smith as they brave hostile conditions in search of wind and waves in one of the most dramatic sceneries in the world: Iceland. Was it worth it? In this feature article, Camille takes us behind the scenes of Mystic's latest film!

1 year ago
Issue 93

Lightroom Issue 93 is jam packed with epic photos with nowhere else to go!

2 years ago
Issue 84

Strapless freestyle on pure flatwater? Camille Delannoy uses his time in isolation to see life - and kiting - from a different perspective. Read the article to find out more about his journey into the natural wonderland of Brazil.

3 years ago
Issue 78

Is kitesurfing expensive? Or is it too cheap? Rou Chater puts his best maths hat on to work out what the real cost of kiteboarding is and comes to some interesting conclusions. If you've ever wondered about the costs of kites, this one is for you...

4 years ago
Issue 78

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

4 years ago
Issue 74

In 2016 Rou Chater wrote an article called, Professional Kiteboarding Is Broken, he’s back to revisit it after three years to see what’s changed and how the competitive kite scene has got better in the last couple of years.

5 years ago
Issue 73

Join the Manera crew as they stay salty, and head to the far northern Scottish islands to discover some of the best kitespots on the planet. It might be cold, but it’s as near to perfection as you can get!

5 years ago
Issue 71

Ten years ago F-One went on an adventure to Madagascar, this year they decided to recreate it, the equipment might have changed, and everyone is a little older, but the place still delivers incredible conditions and an out of this world experience!

6 years ago
Issue 70

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

6 years ago

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Hi, my name is Camille Delannoy: french, 19 years old, live in brazil and kitesurfer.
Ambassador Preabeach Villas
Partner F-one, Manera and AFD.Tech

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