Insane action of Surfing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Wakeboarding, Suping, Mountainbiking! Check out the ION extreme sports action video of 2016!

Experience how adrenaline works. The IONcrew is a combination of extreme sport athletes from all over the world, pushing boundaries every day. See in thrilling GoPro pov-shots how they redefine the world of action sports.

The highly technical ION products excel in durability, performance and fit. So that you’re able to push your personal limits to the max.

No matter who you are and no matter which board or bike you ride: Surfing Elements connects everyone shredding waves, busting trails or bombing any kind of obstacles.

The IONcrew doesn’t differentiate between international top athlete and weekend warrior, we’re one team with the same passion.

This 2016 Brandclip features the following IONcrew members –
Andy Criere 1:08 (france), Aaron Hadlow 1:01 (united kingdom), Airton Cozzolino 02:22 (italy), Patri McLaughlin 01:51 (US), Matchu Lopes 01:13 (italy), Tom Court 01:24 (united kingdom), Craig Cunningham 02:55 (Canada), Stefan Spiessberger 01:42 (austria), Dominik Gührs 02:27 (germany), Clement Nadal 0:55 02:35 (france), Matt Montoro 02:07 (france), Victor Fernandez 0:42 (Spain), Gollito Estredo 01:15 (Venezuela), Nacho Rocha 02:53 (spain), Craig Cunningham (canada) ,Kelly McGarry 1:30 (new zealand), Antoine Bizet 02:50 (france), Nick Pescetto 01:33 (italy), Julia Hofmann 0:50 (germany), Rob J. Heran 0:50 (Germany), Kellys Dog 02:02 (new zealand)

Fuerteventura/Spain, Geisenfeld/Germany, Mount Batur / Bali, Maui, New Zealand, iwakepark lacanau / France, Mauritius, Basque Country, Utah / Red Bull Rampage, Montpellier/FISE, Hood River/USA, Caribbean, Sumbawa

Build a weapon / Chad Petree and Jeremy Darson
KAS-007 – Shiny Toy Guns UPPM France


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Fri 11th Mar, 2016 @ 6:00 pm


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