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3 weeks ago | 3:1

If you've never visited Mauritius before, this edit will make you want to book some flights! Joshua Emanuel explores the island, showing us everything there…

3 weeks ago | 3:1

This edit is going to make you want to book some flights... immediately! Joshua Emanuel explores everything Mauritius has on offer, including waves, flats, big…

2 months ago | 3:30

Edits like this are timeless! Last year, Moona Whyte went from Hawaii to Mauritius to kite one of the best lefts in the world. Get…

4 months ago | 02:49

Delphine Beauchet Macaire and Bertrand Beauchet set sail for Mauritius! They took full advantage of almost deserted spots, warms waters, and incredible weather - Stunning…

6 months ago | 3:38

Looking for a way to relax at the end of a busy day? Join Dmitry in Mauritius as he slays some dragons out at One…

8 months ago | 1:26

Last year Kevin and Jalou Langeree shredded one of the best waves in the world. Check this edit out as Kevin chasing Jalou at One…

8 months ago | 1:40

It's #throwbackthursday and the shredding Mauritian¬†waterman needs no ! Watch Willow-River Tonkin's recap from 2016, right here - it's no wonder this guy is always…

9 months ago | 12:58

Willow shares the stoke! Check his out as he shares what its like to surf One Eye, and talks us through what it feels like…

10 months ago | 5:18

Ever thought about riding One Eye a TwinTip? Then you better check this out, KEVVLOG #219 is now live!


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