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3 weeks ago

The Duotone crew know how to keep things exciting when it comes to a road trip, and after hearing their stories, we couldn't wait for…

1 month ago

Yesss!! We've been waiting for this one! Namibia’s vast, otherworldly, desolate and endless landscapes may seem the antithesis of an ideal road trip. Yet, the…

2 months ago

Eager to nail that Wave Top Turn (frontside)? You better watch this then!

2 months ago

The Duotone Academy APP is proud to announce ten new kite-surf tutorials that will set you up for good! Backed by the best in the…

2 months ago

Matchu Lopes takes a trip down memory lane and shares the ups and downs he experienced while learning to kiteboard. I’ve spent years pushing for…

2 months ago

Last week, Tom Court saw the finals of the GKA strapless freestyle in Brazil. Mikaili and Airton dominated the event, taking double 1st place in…

2 months ago

In Tom Court's latest episode of 'Court In the Act', Tom grabs a last-minute flight to Brazil to catch up with the Duotone International freestyle…

2 months ago

Round one of the men's single elimination has kicked-off and we're in for a treat. The strong and smooth wind of Prea is already inspiring…

3 months ago

Every little bit helps! Duotone has introduced Flexi-Hex cardboard packaging to all of their surfboards packagings, and you can even reuse it again if you…