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8 months ago

Tom Court and Graham Howes team up in this one and head to Tarifa for the GKA Big Air World Championships, GKA Kite Expo, and…

10 months ago

The final GKA Big Air World Championship lineup has been announced! The riders have qualified to compete across four disciplines: twin-tip / strapless / hydrofoil.…

10 months ago

Premiering for the first time - we're watching IN PURSUIT OF FREEDOM ft. Matchu Lopes.

1 year ago

The ION 2022 new range 2022 is OUT! ION have once again hit the nail on the head and announced yet another innovation introducing the…

1 year ago

#Write Your Own Chapter by ION. We are pioneers and passionate. We're in a constant state of dreaming. We are home though our mind is…

1 year ago

In this episode of the GKA News Show, Jo Ciastula gives you a complete overview of the 2021 season and the last GKA Freestyle, Kite-Surf…

1 year ago

We've got Reno and Matchu here, showing off Duotone's latest release - the Dice! So, if you are looking for one of the best freestyle…

1 year ago

Watch Matchu Lopes, James Carew, Airton Cozzolino and more put the neo through its paces! For years, Duotone's Neo has been the wave kite against…

1 year ago

Duotone's just released their 2022 Surfboards D/LAB incl. The Fish D/LAB, Wam D/LAB and Whip D/LAB - Watch this! Duotone's new RMF (Reflex Memory Foam)…