What a day! Just in case you weren’t glued in front of your TV all day, we’ve got you covered! Watch the highlights of the 2019 Red Bull Megaloop, right here!

More than 8,000 kite fans defied code yellow to see on the beach at Zandvoort Ross-Dillon Player win the Red Bull Megaloop!

South African Oswald Smith and Dutchman Lasse Walker took second and third place, respectively.

While the rest of the Netherlands preferred to stay inside, 16 international riders took on the battle with the North Sea. The conditions were extreme with wind force 9.

“Coming from the first round, I thought I was going home, but after that, I won every heat, that’s four heats. I can’t believe it. It just went so well,” said the winner.

The 16 participating kiteboarders came from France, South Africa, Poland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The kiters were in the air for several seconds while they jumped about 15 meters high and 50 meters far. The jury judged the athletes on the height, distance, style, and performance of the megaloops, whereby that one perfect jump could be enough to make it to the next round and win the event.

About Red Bull Megaloop

Red Bull Megaloop is a kite surfing competition that only takes place when it storms; with more than 30 knots of wind from the right direction. Since the previous edition in 2017, everyone waited two years for these perfect weather conditions.

Sat 8th Jun, 2019 @ 9:00 pm

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