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1 month ago

Stig Hoefnagel has finally gathered the courage to recreate pioneer Ruben Lenten's jump off the Tarifa pier, from the Mediterranean into the Atlantic Ocean. He...

7 months ago

Join Jason van der Spuy for the next 8 minutes as he shares his incredible experience at the 2023 Red Bull King of the Air!

1 year ago

Hang on tight!

2 years ago

What happens when the Airush team has a day off in the same city? Join Victor Hays as he packs up some Lithium and heads...

2 years ago

Airush Kiteboarding equipment is designed and engineered to deliver maximum performance across all categories, whether you're just getting started on a kiteboard or setting up...

2 years ago

Gijs Wassenaar head out in a 60knot storm with his Airush Session and Apex Team!

3 years ago

We were all beginners once, and mistakes are a natural part of starting something new. Still, the principle that takes a beginner to become a...

3 years ago

YESSS! join Gijs Wassenaar as he 'Throws it Down' in Africa's biggest Big Air spot - what a vibe!