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10 months ago

Kevin Langeree always makes his way to our top videos list, and KEVVLOG #227 has a well-deserved spot! Watch Kevin Langeree, Lasse Walker and Gijs…

11 months ago

Video entries are now closed for the most badass, big-air Kiteboarding contest in the world. From January 26th - February 10th, 2019 at Kite Beach…

11 months ago

After a few days of wind deprivation in South Africa, Kevin Langaree, Lasse Walker and Gijs Wassenaar are on the loose! Watch KEVVLOG #228 -…

12 months ago

Kevin Langeree just dropped KEVVLOG #227, and it's INSANE! This time Kev, Lasse Walker and Gijs Wassenaar head to Misty Cliffs, in search for some…

1 year ago

With 2018 fast drawing to a close and Red Bull King of the Air 2019’s window period on the horizon, there are just a couple…

1 year ago

They got so much footage of during Nicks visit to Holland with Kevin, Lasse, and Gijs; Part II is out, and it's even better than…

1 year ago

KEVVLOG #220 is live! This is what happens when you get Kevin Langaree, Lasse Walker and Nick Jacobsen on a beach... and 30 knots of…

1 year ago

The boys enjoying the beautiful Dutch summer (brrrr) and having SICK time in Noordwijk - Kev Langaree and  Gijs Wassenaar didn't have the best start…

2 years ago

We wouldn't recommend you copy what Ruben does in his latest episode of On The Fly! Where the wind blows. That's where we want to…


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