Custom Designed Ozone Twin Tip

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Custom Designed Ozone Twin Tip

Specialising in board design and with over 15 years of experience, this is the first twintip series from Dave Kay for Airush. His shapes have won World Freestyle, and King of the Air Titles for a generation, while Airush has crafted a legacy of its own, with multiple World Championships built on a platform of in-house prototyping, and a commitment to real R&D, allowing us to refine individual prototypes with our test team religiously. Working collectively, the Apex is a work of passion and dedication to the art of design.

The Apex and Apex Team are designed as all-around versatile twintips for intermediate to advanced riders, using either boots or bindings, in both performances freeride and big air. The Apex and Apex Team is the latest in 15 years of development in performance freeride/freestyle twintips. For the Apex we make use of a double basalt laminate. The magic combo of Basalt Fibre for high strength and fast reflex along with the soft landings and easy tracking of the deep centre spine double concave makes it a go-to design for most twintip riders. Built to optimise strength, the double basalt construction allows for hard landings while maintaining the progressive natural flex from the paulownia wood core for added pop when jumping big.

Also for increased responsiveness and bombproof durability, making the Apex perfect for hooked and unhooked powered tricks, allowing riders to really push their limits. For the Apex Team, we have the unique hybrid blend of carbon and basalt fibre creates a medium for the stiff flex pattern to ensure optimum control, while transferring the natural power needed to generate speed into each manoeuvre efficiently. The benefit of the basalt carbon combination allows us to drop the weight and increase the flex for improved performance. Basalt fibre is a material made from extremely fine fibres of basalt rock. Stronger and stiffer than fibreglass while being extremely tough under the impact. It is DK’s all-time favourite board reinforcement.

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Thu 29th Oct, 2020 @ 3:20 pm

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