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3 weeks ago

If you have been struggling to learn a trick lately, you're not alone! Here's a little motivation...

4 weeks ago

Are you over rotating? Get some top tips from Steven Akkersdijk in this 1 minute edit! If you haven't seen the full movie yet, make…

1 month ago

Load and pop aren’t just for freestylers; dialling in this key technique will take your big air game to new heights! Get your notebook out,…

1 month ago

Steven Akkersdijk's been trying this new turn when kite foiling - Can you name the trick?

2 months ago

Steven Akkersdijk's 'Learn to Heliloop' video has been one of the most popular videos watched on the IKSURFMAG website in the past two months. If…

2 months ago

Ouch... Sometimes it doesn't go to plan... Good thing that the landing was soft! - Steven Akkersdijk

3 months ago

One of the most challenging aspects to control on the foil is your speed, and in this tutorial, Steven Akkersdijk shares a tip that will…

3 months ago

Sunday Funday and today, we're tuning in to '5 Easy Tricks for Beginners' by Steven Akkersdijk. Watch the full video here!

3 months ago

Higher jumps are harder to land, but that can be solved with the heli loop, downloop or rescue loop. In this SA Masterclass, Steven Akkersdijk…