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1 week ago

The expectations were high to the homeboy Nick Jacobsen at the first Cold Hawaii Big Air. But it was three flying dutchmen who flew away…

1 week ago

Nick Jacobsen welcomes the worlds best kitesurfers to Denmark and the first Big Air-event ever in the country of fairytales. The wind is blowing heavily…

4 weeks ago

IT'S HERE - Join the #1 Game for Kiteboarders! WOO PRO is now available for kiters on iOS and Android - Update your WOO App…

1 month ago

CORE's Bolt 4 is out! Heart Attacks, Slim Chances, and Krypts are your thing. You know ‘em all, and love adding new ones to your…

2 months ago

Limitless. That’s what you get with CORE Kiteboarding's new Choice 4. Kickers, lagoons, boots or straps  - CORE built the Cartan carbon powered Choice 4…

2 months ago

We can’t find words for this masterpiece of kiteloops the CORE team has created, but Angely, Steven and Joshua can. Lean back. Turn up the…

3 months ago

Sitting down on the foil  isn't as hard as it looks, and in this episode of SA Masterclass, Steven Akkersdijk talks us through it!

4 months ago

Trim your kite to perfection! Steven Akkersdijk talks us through the changes and adjustments you can do to your bar including; trim adjuster, steering line…

4 months ago

Here's one to tick off your trick list! There are so many backrolls variations you can do, and today Steven Akkersdijk shares his favourite!