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3 days ago | 5:9

he Red Bull Megaloop challenge, from Kevin Langaree's perspective! KEVVLOG³ #12 is out, and it's a good one! Kevin got the 48 hours call before…

6 days ago | 2:37

Reliving the gnarliest megaloops! Check out what went down during the Red Bull Megaloop event in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. Congrats to all the riders, you…

6 days ago

Stuart Downey stepped on to the top step of the podium with Naish teammates Vetea Boersma to the left and Tomas Aguirre to the right…

1 week ago | 1:42

What a day! Just in case you weren't glued in front of your TV all day, we've got you covered! Watch the highlights of the…

1 week ago | 5:16

Kevin Langaree taps into that inner butterfly in KEVVLOG³ #11! In this episode, Kevin jumps on the WINGSURFER wagon after reading loads of different opinions…

1 week ago | 1:34:37

Set that reminder! After 2 years of waiting, tomorrow finally the perfect storm hits the Netherlands. 35-40 knots of wind is expected and these are…

2 weeks ago | 7:2

Kevin Lanagree just dropped KEVVLOG³ #10 from Tarifa with The Naish Europe crew. A FULL movie will be out soon - stay tuned!

1 month ago | 5:44

KEVVLOG³ #9 is LIVE! Kevin Langeree teams up with the crew at REAL Watersports in Cape Hatteras and shares what he claims is 'one of…

2 months ago | 1:21

Twenty years ago - Robby Naish inspired Kevin Langeree to become a professional kiteboarder, and now... it could be your turn! Within Naish Team Europe,…


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