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3 weeks ago

With the completely newly developed Pace Pro, CORE is expanding its range for the performance-oriented big air target group and all those who want to...

3 weeks ago

CORE's Sensor Bar system is a trailblazer in several key areas: ultra-direct bar feel, simplicity, high-end components and craftsmanship. With the fourth generation, we've elevated...

3 weeks ago

Rumours has it something big is coming... stay tuned!

3 months ago

Watch the CORE crew, including Willow-River Tonkin, Steven Akkersdijk, Joshua Emanuel, and Lutz, fly into Willow's hometown in Mauritius to search for wind and waves...

5 months ago

Check out short-line kitesurfing with Ruben Lenten, who digs deep into the heads of three extreme riders. Get ready to be blown away as Joshua,...

6 months ago

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with CORE teamrider Joshua Emanuel as he conquers one of the world's most extraordinary waves at Skeleton...

7 months ago

Nothing beats a classic from Joshua Emanuel!

8 months ago

The dust has settled, and the Cape Doctor has gone back to rest. Day 1 of the 2023 Red Bull King of the Air is...

9 months ago

Surrounded by untouched nature, old shipwrecks, and endless seal colonies, Joshua Emanuel kitesurfs one of the world's most remote, best, and longest left-hand waves at...