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3 days ago

Charlotte Consorti just returned from an insane trip to Mauritius - in episode 27 they discover the Northern part of Mauritius, which has great kitesurfing…

3 days ago

On the final day of the Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf and Hydrofoil-Freestyle World Cup combo event, it was time to get the big air party…

3 days ago

F-ONE’s objective is to maintain the kite’s shape and behaviour while flying by mastering the load tensions and providing their customers with the most intuitive…

5 days ago

Titouan Galea talks us through F-ONE Rocket Wing, including its design, the shape of this foil and how he sees it. Find out more here!

2 weeks ago

With its ultralight weight and extremely thin profile, this state-of-the-art board levitates on your feet during airs while you jump higher - Hendrick Lopes puts…

2 weeks ago

PREMIERING FOR THE FIRST TIME - BACN/bakan/Adjective. One of the most popular words in Chilean slang! A very common expression for saying something or someone…

2 weeks ago

BACAN - Dropping on November 17, 2022! Two iconic cold-water surfers from different continents meet up in the depths of Chile to search for the…

3 weeks ago

Paul Serin talks us through F-ONE Trax, some of its features, and which conditions it excels in. The overall rocker line is moderate to ensure…

3 weeks ago

We're still buzzing from last weekend's final - Mika hits six while Coccoluto completes his destiny at the Copa Kitley GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup. Read…