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Laci Kobulsky has been travelling the world and making movies for a few years now, this winter he was at Pro Kite Brazil in Uruau and he filmed some of the world’s most talented and progressive riders. With more hits than a boxing match this video combines sublime cinematography and a unique soundtrack to create something you have to watch, it’s borderline hypnotising. The girls shredding at the end is a total treat to watch, they have come so far in the last few years it’s unreal!

It is simply unbelieveable, that such a small place like lagoon Uruau in Brasil can attract som many people that travel here each year from all around the world. Story of ProKite Brasil started 8 years ago with the vision of two passionate kitesurfers and friends Riki & Gigi and these days it attract all the best kiters from the world, since it offers the ultimate conditions for freestyle. This video is a tribute to all riders that joined us during the season 2016.

Riders: Aaron Hadlow, Alby Rondina, Youri Zoon, Carlos Mario, Sam Light, Liam Whaley, Paul Serin, Val Garat, Stefan Spiessberger, Oswald Smith, Tommy Pianta, Laci Kobulsky, Louka Pitot, Alex Maes, Annelous Lammerts, Kristiin Oja, Malin Amle, Paula Novotna, Gisela Pulido, Gigi & Riki.

Camera & Edit: Laci Kobulsky
Spot: ProKite Brasil

Wed 3rd Aug, 2016 @ 9:00 am


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