Louka Pitot

Louka Pitot

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2 weeks ago

Take your life back. Kiteboarding is the perfect means to unplug your life completely. Throw away your phone, throw away your computer, get off social…

3 weeks ago

In the 2nd episode of 'Louka's Life', Louka takes us on a Naish office tour and later on a session with the legend himself, Robby…

3 weeks ago

This is what it's all about - Wingfoiling, Kiteboarding, GKA SuperKite, Surfing, and generally having a blast on the water - Maxime Chabloz and the…

1 month ago

Welcome to 'LOUKA'S LIFE'! Louka recently graduated from university and has dedicated his life to what he loves most in the world, all things watersports.…

1 month ago

Naish Kiteboarding's Louka Pitot spent over a month in Brazil training for the last GKA World Tour stop of the year. In this edit, watch…

2 months ago

UNPLUG WITH NAISH - This is one for the books and a good one to start your weekend with! Take your life back. Kiteboarding is…

6 months ago

More action (and crashes) from Pippa van Iersel's trip to Drepano, Greece, with the crew, including Nathalie Lambrecht, Louka Pitot and Val Garat! What a…

6 months ago

Everyone's in Greece at the moment!! Pippa van Iersel teams up with Val Garat, Nathalie Lambrecht and Louka Pitot to head to her all-time favourite…

7 months ago

Levante blasted over 40+ knots yesterday at the GKA event! They started the day with 50% freestyle, 50% big air format but they got through…

7 months ago

Before heading to Tarifa, the crew teamed up in El Gouna, Egypt, to get in some freestyle and big air sessions. Watch Pippa van Iersel,…

7 months ago

Check out Pippa's latest vlog! Pippa van Iersel, Val Garat, Hannah Whiteley, Louka Pitot and Nathalie Lambrecht team up on the Red Sea shores of…

8 months ago

Pippa van Iersel just dropped her latest vlog, and in this one, she ditches Holland's colder waters and teams up with Nathalie Lambrecht and Louka…

Issue 89

With flat, crystal clear water and steady Meltemi winds, Greece is an irresistible spot for kiteboarders from all over the world! Naish’s Louka Pitot joins his friends and team riders for a freestyle adventure on the Greek mainland. Click here to read the article!

3 months ago
Issue 85

Off the water and on the mend doesn’t have to mean taking a complete break from kiting! While recovering from knee surgery, Tom Seager joined the Naish team in Karpathos to capture the experience. Find out how Tom made the most of his trip!

11 months ago
Issue 84

The kiting community as we know it is changing. This article takes a look back in time at the ‘beginner kiter’ experience, which is all too relevant at many of our beaches today. How do we evolve along with the arrival of this new generation? Check out the article for some insights from Crystal Veness.

1 year ago
Issue 84

The best photos without anywhere else to go!

1 year ago
Issue 76

We catch up with one of the hottest prospects coming up through the freestyle ranks, Louka Pitout has been smashing it lately, find out what drives him right here!

2 years ago
Issue 74

In 2016 Rou Chater wrote an article called, Professional Kiteboarding Is Broken, he’s back to revisit it after three years to see what’s changed and how the competitive kite scene has got better in the last couple of years.

3 years ago
Issue 60

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

5 years ago

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