Set of Quobba Fins

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Set of Quobba Fins

Watch the dune jump section at Tatajuba from Naish House Brazil now! Continuing a 14-year legacy, riders from the Naish Kiteboarding team embark on an adventure packed with freestyle, freeride and big air kitesurfing in some of the most remote and beautiful spots in the Northeast of Brazil.

Voted as one of the best movies of 2022, make sure you watch the full Naish House Brazil movie here!

Presented by: Naish Kiteboarding
Film Production: The Stoke Farm
Production Coordinator: Ray Borg

Thank you to our additional supporters: Revo, Insta360, Noir Matter, and Vertra
Special thanks to: Naish Brazil, Adriano Lavezzo, Rato Fernandes, BGK, Leticia Maria, Casa Santa Maria

Sat 11th Feb, 2023 @ 9:00 am


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