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1 month ago

Episode 2 of 'On The Loose' is out! In this episode, Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow are back in their favourite spot; Cape Town, South…

2 months ago

More KOTA 2021 highlights - You've got to watch this!

2 months ago

Just in case you've been living under a rock and missed the Red Bull King of The Air action - no stress, we've got you…

2 months ago

The sand has settled after an epic weekend of wind in Cape Town, South Africa. The much-awaited 2021 Red Bull King of the Air started…

3 months ago

PREMIERING FOR THE FIRST TIME! The Stoke Farm takes us on an incredible 22 minutes journey showing off what kiteboarding in Holland is all about,…

3 months ago

Stig Hoefnagel is ready for the BAKL final stop of the year, are you?

3 months ago

Join Stig Hoefnagel on a sunset cruise through beautiful Brazilian mangroves! What a spot!

5 months ago

During a year where recreational travel was restricted, a handful of the world's best big air riders made it down to Cape Town, and the…

6 months ago

Watch Dutch Naish rider Stig Hoefnagel's Tatajuba Big Air Kite entry video and let us know what you think!