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1 month ago

Paula Novotna making an entrance!

7 months ago

Double the passion, double the joy!

1 year ago

Duotone's latest edition of the 2023 Unit introduces MOD3, a new canopy that changes everything. The unit offers more power, better hang time, and improved…

1 year ago

A freestyle wingfoil session with the Duotone teamriders in Lanzarote ft.¬†Wesley Brito, Stefan Spiessberger, Paula Novotna, Jerome Cloetens, Nia Suardiaz, Linus Punder & Tom Auber…

1 year ago

What are you waiting for? - ION's Amaze summer styles have arrived! The Amaze summer collection embodies water women who always take their chances. Pick…

1 year ago

A ten-minute video that will blow your mind! One thing that catches the surfer's attention when it comes to Chile and what it stands for:…

1 year ago

Kitesurfers are a brilliant bunch of people. Learning this sport takes passion, drive, and commitment - even a beginner kitesurfer has achieved something truly impressive!…

1 year ago

With ION's unique pink capsule colourway, the 2022 women's collection escapes the ordinary. However, don't be fooled! The Pink Capsule collection goes far beyond a…