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3 weeks ago

With its beginner to intermediate rocker profile and mellow single concave, the Crisis V3 keeps you on track! Its time-tested outline provides a dry ride…

1 month ago

The Ghost V2 has been redesigned by Slingshot to be lighter, user-friendly, and even more versatile than its predecessor. In addition, the aspect ratio has…

1 month ago

Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court and Sam Light go to Hurst castle in search of the flat water dream - you've got to watch this!

1 month ago

With a good-looking forecast, Tom Court, Aaron Hadlow and Sam Light head out to the best kite spot on the south coast of the UK…

1 month ago

A new attempt has been made by Sam Light & Tom Court! In Sam Light's recent vlog '100km on a kite boat gusting 30 knots',…

2 months ago

Watch as Tom Court and Sam Light attempt to kite-boat around the Isle of Wight in one day in 30-knots! Did they succeed? Watch this…

2 months ago

Sam Light takes out Slingshot's UFO V2 for the first timeĀ  - find out what he had to say about it in this video! This…

3 months ago

If you're on the hunt for a lightwind, efficient and progressive board, Slingshot's 12th Glide should be on your radar as it has set the…

3 months ago

Sam Light's been winging for about a year now, and in this vlog, he shares some of his top tips that might help you progress.…