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1 week ago | 3:56

PART I - 2019 marks 20th year since Aaron Hadlow first flew a kite. They took this milestone as a challenge to document the best…

2 weeks ago | 16:27

Sam Light and Tom Court circumnavigate The Isle Of Wight kitesurfing 150km on hydrofoils in just under 6 hours! In this vlog, Sam Light shares…

2 weeks ago | 05:46

Sam Light and Alex Fox give us a quick talk through on Slingshot's latest 2020 foils and boards in this video, find out more about…

3 weeks ago | 3:28

Sam Light tests and reviews the Slingshot's 2020 Rally GT and the Raptor in Hood River, Oregon - check this out!

1 month ago | 10:23

Fred Hope gives Sam Light an instructional lesson on how to Wing Foil for the first time using the new Slingshot Slingwing 4.2m in Hood…

1 month ago | 1:7

Sam Light gives a setup overview of the SlingWing - watch this!

1 month ago | 10:3

6 hours is a long time, but Fred Hope and Sam Light did it for 'Kiteboard for Cancer' derby, Hood River - Raising money for…

1 month ago | 02:39

Alex Fox talks us through the freestyle / freeride crossover board - Slingshot's Refraction! Designed for maximum boost, load and pop and aggressive riding in…

2 months ago | 9:21

People often ask Sam Light; Can I use my kiteboard at the cable park? In this video, he breaks down the differences between the boards.…


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