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1 week ago

Premiering for the first time - watch Sam Light, Stijn Mul, Kimo Verkerk, and Ally D'ambrosio put the RPX through its paces during a photoshoot…

2 weeks ago

What a day! Join Sam Light for a wingsurfing morning session and later sailing on Alex's Thomson's 60ft Imoca 'Hugo Boss' in the afternoon in…

4 weeks ago

Check out Sam Light's latest vlog from last weekend; a Sunday Funday sailing, double flipping and breaking engines!

2 months ago

Sam Light heads for a session in Hayling Island with some of the UK's favourite kite groms; 11-year-old mad Max Tullet and the 13-year-old kite…

2 months ago

It's not often that the UK is blessed with strong winds during the summer, but when it does happen, it's pretty insane! Watch Sam Light…

3 months ago

Sam Light winging it at the Harbour on his Dart V1, Slingshots hard-charging speed machine! Push the Dart, and the Dart pushes right back. Designed…

3 months ago

This kid is mad, and we love him for it! Mad Max Tullet just dropped his latest vlog from Hailing Islands, where he met up…

3 months ago

Kite stunts aren't always successful the first go around, and this one almost ended before it began!! Here's Sam Light swapping his skateboard for a…

3 months ago

An essential skill you'll need to master if you're getting into kiteboarding is a waterstart, and in this tutorial, Sam Light talks us through it…