Annelous Lammerts

Annelous Lammerts

Pro Rider | 6,529

3 weeks ago

Last month, Annelous ditched Netherlands cloudy weather and went to Sicily to visit ProKite Alby Rondina and the Cabrinha Italy crew for a little getaway.…

4 weeks ago

Join the Cabrinha Italy crew as they test out the conditions in Sardinia vs Sicily - ft Alberto Rondina, Matteo Serra, Alessio Pintus, Andrea Crociara,…

3 months ago

Join Annelous Lammerts as she visits ProKite Alby Rondina in sunny Sicily - what a spot! Last month I went to the ProKite Alby Rondina…

5 months ago

Summer has arrived in the Netherlands, which means there isn't much wind; the perfect opportunity for Annelous Lammerts to test out her new Cabrinha Contra…

6 months ago

Annelous Lammerts just released her latest vlog, and in this one, she shares her top tips on 'how to' gybe wingsurfing. Learning to gybe will…

8 months ago

What are the pros riding? Find out about Annelous Lammerts' kite foil setup in this video. She's put together her favourite combo from the Cabrinha…

8 months ago

The all-new Cabrinha 01 COLLECTION has arrived and it's ready and raring to get you on the water this year. With a complete new range…

8 months ago

It's happening... The Cabrinha 01 collection is dropping on February 16th! Feast your eyes on this teaser video to get a sneak peek of what…

9 months ago

Looking back at 2020 is a mixed bag for a lot of people, but Laci Kobulsky kept the dream alive all year long! This talented…

10 months ago

Alexander James Lewis Hughes and friends got together to put this full length shred flick out there for 2020 and what a banger it is!…

11 months ago

Tempted to get into wingsurfing? Then we've got just the series for you. Cabrinha's new guide to wingsurfing takes you from your very first steps…

12 months ago

Cabrinha teamrider Annelous Lammerts completes her gruelling 200km ride in support of the ALS Foundation and in this web features, Annelous shares how it went.…

Issue 88

Check out the best photos with nowhere else to go in this Lightroom Issue 88!

2 months ago
Issue 86

Everything you need to know about the latest and greatest gear to hit the market. Our experienced test team takes new gear from F-ONE, Cabrinha, Fluid, Ozone, Slingshot, and CrazyFly for a spin. Find out what we thought in Tried & Tested.

6 months ago
Issue 84

Annelous Lammerts is a jack of all trades, master of everything! In this interview, Annelous tells us all about her 200 km kite for ALS, what she’s been up to with all the Corona craziness, and her recent trips testing Cabrinha's latest line up. We've got it all, right here!

11 months ago
Issue 83

We speak to James Boulding from Cabrinha about the new Cab Fusion foil system, a new innovative connection system designed to future proof the foils for any sport.

1 year ago
Issue 81

More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

1 year ago
Issue 80

This issue Cabrinha get issued with the same questions, but as ever the answers are always different. Find out what makes the brand tick and where their ethos lies right here!

2 years ago
Issue 76

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 years ago
Issue 76

Join Xander Raith as he gives us the inside scoop behind one of the fastest-growing events on the kiteboarding calendar!

2 years ago
Issue 75

It's no longer a question, with the explosion of surf foiling kiting has come so far, twitchy hard to use race wings are a thing of the past, unless you have Olympic dreams and a whole world of fun, easy to use equipment is waiting for you! Click here to see out top ten tips for beginners learning to foil!

2 years ago
Issue 73

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

3 years ago
Issue 72

Alex Maes and Annelous Lammerts are two of the most passionate kiters on the planet, when Alex discovered a new spot in Brazil he knew he had to get all his friends together and build a kite park! Check out the full story right here!

3 years ago
Issue 71

Rou Chater and Mary Booth travel to Sicily to join the Cabrinha Rider Academy and learn what it takes to be a pro rider; it’s not all deckchairs and ice creams either! Early starts, long days and lots of sun cream are needed to get the footage and the job done!

3 years ago

Dutch pro kiteboarder

2019 Triple S Champion
KPL Champion
4th place freestyle World Championships
European Champion
Dutch Champion

Riding for Cabrinha & Brunotti

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