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2 weeks ago

In the 6th episode of GettinTheShot, Laci Kobulsky takes us behind the scenes on a photoshoot with Gianmaria Coccoluto and one of his favourite photographer…

3 months ago

Gianmaria Coccoluto and Laci Kobulsky join forces to document Gianmaria's journey to becoming the freestyle world champion in 2022. Brazil is the ultimate dream destination…

3 months ago

Catch a glimpse of Gianmaria's Coccoluto and Laci Kobulsky's latest project 'All In' featuring Maxime Chabloz - you won't regret it! You can watch the…

3 months ago

Get ready to level up your kite game with Alby and Laci's latest 'Kite Trick Tip' episode featuring 8 moves with straps and pads. Have…

3 months ago

Gianmaria Coccoluto and Laci Kobulsky team up in ALL IN! Prepare to be blown away as you witness the pinnacle of freestyle kiteboarding in action!…

7 months ago

Join the 'island boys' on an adventure around Santa Maria, Sicily - What a vibe!

11 months ago

Relive 2022 through Laci Kobulsky's lens! Laci had an exciting year on the road (and in the air) - Watch the highlights here.

1 year ago

Check out Crazyfly Kiteboarding's 2023 product highlights, including the new Savvy bar. Experience groundbreaking longevity and maximum safety with this innovative and functional bar design.…

1 year ago

Crazyfly's 2023 Hyper continues to go toward modern big air kites. The Hyper has been fine-tuned to work best with the new Savvy bar this…