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1 week ago

Laci Kobulsky just launched his new vlog 'GettinTheShot', and in this first episode, he takes us behind the scenes with Aaron Hadlow during their shoot…

1 week ago

And here it is... Aaron Hadlow's video entry for the 2020 Red Bull King Of The Air! We've been waiting to watch this one!

2 weeks ago

Watch Part IV (Brazil) of Aaron Hadlow's movie #TWENTY! 2019 marked the 20th year since Aaron Hadlow first flew a kite! They took this milestone…

2 weeks ago

You'll enjoy this one! #rememberwhen Alex Maes and Annelous Lammerts introduced each other in their very first edit, showcasing the riding of two link minded…

2 weeks ago

It's almost time for the final event of the GKA Freestyle World Cup 2019 season...and what better location than Cumbuco, Brazil, which will be hosting…

3 weeks ago

This is one for the books! When it's on, it's ON! Check out some of Cabrinha Italy's finest wind junkies at Prokite Alby Rondina, Sicily.…

1 month ago

Part III of the movie TWENTY from the USA with Park Riding - This has got to be one of the BEST parts, don't you…

2 months ago

PART II of Aaron Hadlow's movie TWENTY is one of our favs - you need to watch this! 2019 marks 20th year since Aaron Hadlow…

2 months ago

Alby Rondina talks us through WHO should be riding in boots, why and how to get started! If you have any questions, please leave a…


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