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3 weeks ago

This season is ON at ProKite Alby Rondina resort! Riders: Alby Rondina & Luci Rondina Camera & Edit: Laci Kobulsky Spot: ProKite Alby Rondina, Sicily

3 months ago

It's the most wonderful time of the year when new products are dropping left, right, and centre! It's hard to keep up with all of…

4 months ago

With new developments and shapes in twin tips and foil boards, CrazyFly is coming in hot for 2021! Check out this video for an to…

4 months ago

New to the lineup at CrazyFly, the Infinity 2021. This is a two strut lightweight kite for foiling, surf and light wind freeriding. It is…

4 months ago

What's new in the CrazyFly range for 2021? Laci Kobulsky and kite designer Pavol Bukovcak talk about the 2021 kite range - including the Hyper,…

4 months ago

How It's Made: Kite edition! Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into making kites? Laci Kobulsky visits the CrazyFly factory in Europe to see…

5 months ago

Looking back at 2020 is a mixed bag for a lot of people, but Laci Kobulsky kept the dream alive all year long! This talented…

6 months ago

CrazyFly is at it again with another exciting product release. If the vibey music isn't already getting you hyped up, the pretty visuals and awesome…

6 months ago

Go big or go home is CrazyFly's 2021 Hyper's slogan - This rocket launcher of a kite takes you to the moon and back! With…