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11 months ago

CrazyFly just upgraded and released their 2022 Hyper! For 2022, the weight has been reduced while strength and performance have been improved. Find out more,…

12 months ago

If you have recently started kiteboarding, you are going to want to watch this one! Alby Rondina talks us through his technique on how to…

12 months ago

If you are interested in big air kiteboarding, you certainly know the name of the young talented Pole, Janek Grzegorzewski. He is a phenomenal rider…

1 year ago

With a 20-year career in kiteboarding, Alexander James Lewis-Hughes, a.k.a. Rowdy, has a unique blend of skills on the water and a deep knowledge of…

1 year ago

Join Annelous Lammerts as she visits ProKite Alby Rondina in sunny Sicily - what a spot! Last month I went to the ProKite Alby Rondina…

1 year ago

Many people get into kiteboarding to go big, and in this interview, Laci Kobulsky finds out from Alby Rondina what techniques he uses. We've got…

1 year ago

This season is ON at ProKite Alby Rondina resort! Riders: Alby Rondina & Luci Rondina Camera & Edit: Laci Kobulsky Spot: ProKite Alby Rondina, Sicily

1 year ago

It's the most wonderful time of the year when new products are dropping left, right, and centre! It's hard to keep up with all of…

1 year ago

With new developments and shapes in twin tips and foil boards, CrazyFly is coming in hot for 2021! Check out this video for an to…