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1 year ago

For many, the lure to kitesurfing was one thing - Air. We were mesmerised by riders soaring to the sky with just a board attached...

2 years ago

We're taking you back to 2011 in this one - Alby Rondina on the 2011 Caliber X & Nomad!

2 years ago

Cabrinha 2022 Contra 1 Strut has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the best kites for lightwind freeriding and has proven a versatile addition...

4 years ago

Alby Rondina kicking off the 2020 season!

4 years ago

Stop the press! It seems the wheels won't stop turning in the world of kiteboarding as one of the sports biggest brands, Cabrinha gets bought...

4 years ago

Are you still debating whether you want to start kiteboarding or not? Alby Rondina goes over a few frequent questions he gets asked by people wanting...

4 years ago

Laci Kobulsky filmed and shared some seriously good footage over 2019 from 12 different countries - check out the highlights, right here!

4 years ago

Take a trip down memory lane with Alberto Rondina as he turns 30! A Cabrinha rider since his very first jumps in Kiteboarding, Alby is...

4 years ago

When it's on, it's ON! One of the best spots in the world hosted Laci Kobulsky as he introduced Cabrinha Italy's finest wind junkies! Guaranteed...