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2 weeks ago

Go behind the scenes with Annelous Lammerts on the Cabrinha 00 Collection photoshoot in Lake Garda, Italy, filming the brand new Crosswing X2, new foils…

4 weeks ago

Just in case you missed the premiere earlier, we've got you covered! ┬áThe year 2020 kicked off a new beginning for Cabrinha. A virtual resetting…

2 months ago

Annelous Lammerts scored a super fun wing foil and a tow-in session on her surf foil after a windy and sunny Cabrinha demo weekend... with…

3 months ago

Annelous Lammerts loving the conditions back home in the Netherlands!

4 months ago

Annelous Lammerts just dropped her latest tutorial on How to kitefoil, including some tips on the right gear and conditions that will help you with…

5 months ago

Annelous Lamments shares a few special moments from the past days. You'd usually find Lou travelling the world and competing, but given the current circumstances,…

6 months ago

Annelous Lammerts enjoying a session at her homespot in the livingroom. Stay home. Stay Safe

7 months ago

Are you thinking about getting into wingfoiling? Annelous Lammerts shares what she enjoys most about it in her latest vlog. Check it out, right here.…

7 months ago

When was the last time you properly checked your gear? Well, now is the time! It is essential to check if your gear is in…