Vibes are riding high after the success of the GKA Distance Battle last week, but that’s not the only reason the athletes and team at the GKA Kite World Tour are smiling… we have been given the green light for competitions to resume! The next events in the calendar are a freestyle event, and a hugely anticipated Hydrofoil Freestyle event, held back to back in Brazil!

We’re ecstatic to announce two events before the turn of the year, and the fact that one will be a Hydrofoil event adds some extra stoke to our news!  The Hydrofoil Freestyle event is the first of it’s kind to be hosted by the GKA. It will appeal to many pro riders and be popular amongst local Brazilian kitesurfers too, which will surely make it an exciting first for everybody involved. The GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle Grand Slam Fortaleza event will take place 10-14 November. Registration is now open, sign up for the first GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle event now. Registration closes November 3rd.

The second confirmed event will be the GKA Freestyle Super Grand Slam Isla do Guajiru, a spot famed for its freestyle conditions and consistent winds held 17-21 November. Athletes and the team are excited to be back in Ceara and we’re certain the season will be ending with high vibes at this incredible location. Registration for the event is now open and will close on November 6th.

As with all things in 2020, events may be subject to last-minute changes or cancellation.

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Wed 21st Oct, 2020 @ 12:00 am

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