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1 week ago

Rita Arnaus takes us on an emotional ride, sharing her journey to recovery.

5 months ago

Looking for a swimsuit that can handle your most action-packed water sessions? Check out the Amaze Shorty Crossback 1.5 by ION! Longer legs and a...

7 months ago

Witness an emotional rollercoaster of resilience in this episode of  #WriteYourOwnChapter - 'Head Up Again ft Rita Arnaus' - Remember that every challenge can be...

7 months ago

Get ready to take your kitesurfing game to new heights with the Duotone Academy workout collection! With 19 new exercises designed to get you in...

7 months ago

One crucial element in pushing yourself to the limit on the water starts with what you do, even before pumping up your kite. That's why...

9 months ago

Rita Arnaus shares her kiteboarding journey, hopes and dreams, in this interview with Porsche Cyprus.