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2 months ago

Are you ready for this?! The GKA Distance Battle is about to commence! The GKA Distance Battle is about to start, and wildcard voting will…

6 months ago

New Milestone in Kitesports Safety: ISO Standard 21853 on Quick-Release Systems - The Global Kitesports Association (GKA) has achieved a milestone in kiteboarding safety! Since…

7 months ago

Rita Arnaus shares her first session on her 2020 RPM in Argentina - straight from Buenos Aires airport to the kite spot!

8 months ago

It's all or nothing for Liam Whaley, what's it going to take for him to be crowned the 2020 King of the Air?

8 months ago

Ruben Lenten is an inspiration and an icon in the kiteboarding world that lives life to the fullest... check out his life story right here.

9 months ago

Have you ever been to Los Roques, Venezuela? Jerome Cloetens, Alex Pastor, Rita Arnaus, Therese Tabbel, Valentin Garat, Louka Pitot, and more head off for…

9 months ago

Similar riding and equal stoke level - Rita Arnaus and Paula Novotna team up with Laci Kobulsky in this killer video from Brazil! You better…

9 months ago

Pippa van Iersel just got back from the warm waters of Brazil, where she spent the last month and a half training and competing with…

10 months ago

It's got to be the kite! Slingshot's RPM has legendary status as one of the greatest kites ever made and it is STILL evolving. They…