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2 days ago

After flying home from paradise, Pippa van Iersel bundles up to go upwind in the hopes of scoring a session at her favourite spot. Unfortunately,…

4 days ago

Does Pippa van Iersel have what it takes to enter FULL POWER Tarifa? Let us know what you think!

1 week ago

With her time in paradise coming to an end, Pippa van Iersel joins her friends for a hike in Bonaire, followed by just enough beers…

2 weeks ago

Pippa goes full Disney princess, getting up close and personal with a pod of dolphins! No island adventure is complete without a kite session with…

4 weeks ago

Pippa is back with a never-ending supply of stoke! In her latest vlog, she goes head to head to try to beat Lasse Walker's free…

1 month ago

Bonaire has been receiving some windy weather, and Pippa van Iersel is on the spot to session the latest storm with her friends! Enjoy the…

1 month ago

Is this the most anticipated video release of 2021 so far?! ReUNION features the most powerful female freestyle team in the world, and the podiums…

2 months ago

One woman welcoming committee Pippa van Iersel received some friends (and a new kite) in Bonaire. Her latest vlog is all about an awesome session…

2 months ago

Don't you want to go for a session with Pippa after watching this?! Check out the vlog from Bonaire with Pippa van Iersel. I just…