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11 months ago

Follow Pippa van Iersel's journey to recovery after her recent ACL surgery. I'm walking! The surgery went well and now it's time to recover. Super…

12 months ago

Surgery day has come for Pippa van Iersel, and she shares her journey with us in this vlog. I decided to do my ACL reconstruction…

12 months ago

Despite tearing her ACL during the Full Power Tarifa women's final, Pippa van Iersel remained positive standing on that podium. Wishing you a speedy recovery,…

1 year ago

Pippa van Iersel and Giel Vlugt join forces in her latest vlog from Obidos, Portugal. Next up: Tarifa - Stay tuned!

1 year ago

#PIPSVLOG 77 is out! In this vlog, Pippa van Iersel ditches her Tarifa plans and chases a promising forecast to Portugal! But did the conditions…

1 year ago

Pippa van Iersel shares the highs and lows she experienced on her journey to recovery, talking about the fears, pain and insecurities she felt. Grab…

1 year ago

Check out Pippa van Iersel's latest vlog, #PIPSVLOG 76, as she shares some top tips on surviving cold winter sessions in Europe! Got more tips?…

1 year ago

What a comeback! After being off the water for months due to her knee injury, Pippa hit the ground running at Lord of Tram! Congrats…

1 year ago

She's BACK! Pippa van Iersel is back after being off the water for nearly 2.5 months due to her knee injury. In her latest vlog,…