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6 months ago

Premiering for the first time - After four years of waiting a big storm of 50 knots hit, and the Red Bull Megaloop finally got...

7 months ago

#Throwback to 2022 - Get ready for an adrenaline-filled ride as we join Mike Mac Donald and Ruben Lenten for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at...

7 months ago

The excitement is still lingering from the insane event that unfolded in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. Witnessing 16 of the world's best kiteboarders defy Force 8...

8 months ago

Follow Pippa van Iersel's journey on her YouTube channel. Click here.

1 year ago

After a torn ACL kept her off the water for nearly a year, Pippa is BACK! Check out PIPSVLOG #1 right here.

1 year ago

Pippa is after a cover shot in her latest vlog, and takes us along for the ride - Enjoy! One of my goals is to...

1 year ago

Unbox the latest Duotone Kiteboarding gear with Pippa van Iersel - We look forward to seeing you back on the water soon!

1 year ago

Pipsvlog #94 is out! In this episode, Pippa talks us through the best kiteboarding gear (in her opinion) to buy in 2023 - from kites...

1 year ago

Even though Pippa is recovering, she's keeping busy and pumping out exciting content! PIPSVLOG #94 is out, and in this episode, she talks us through...