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2 months ago

Mikaili Sol killing it!

3 months ago

Step into the world of high-performance kiteboarding with the Evo! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to the sport, this versatile kite embodies...

3 months ago

If you've never been to Cape Verde before, this glimpse into Cozzolino's world  will tempt you to book some flights! Dive into the world of...

3 months ago

Lords of Tram 2024 - The best Big Air riders in the world will hit Barcares, France for the first Big Air event of the...

5 months ago

Follow the journey of one of big air's greatest innovators, Janek Grzegorzewski, as he battles what could be a career-ending injury.

5 months ago

The champs have been crowned! Congrats to Bruna Kajiya and Carlos Mario for becoming the 2023 Qatar Airways GKA Freestyle-Kite World Champions - Their comebacks...

6 months ago

Watch the women's freestyle action at the GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup Finals! Subscribe to the GKA for more action. Watch the action LIVE here.

6 months ago

Watch the Copa Kitley GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup Cauipe 2023 event over right here! Subscribe to the GKA for more action!

6 months ago

Watch the exciting mens and womens finals at Cauipe Lagoon, where athletes showcased their best tricks during the penultimate freestyle stop of the Qatar Airways...