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The wind was slightly stronger at Kite Beach, but it came with a side-onshore wave, making riding conditions tricky for our competitors.

The day got off to a great start with Titik Lopes CV setting the bar for high scores in the first heat of the day, with a complete score of 10.24. He will go on to face Pedro Matos BR, the rider with the highest overall score from Day 1, in the first heat of the next round. Pedro scored an impressive 13.53, given the difficult conditions in his heat against local favourite, and event organiser Djo Silva CV but that didn’t dampen Djo’s spirit, he’s still riding the high of this incredible event, which has taken place right out front of the kite school he runs with the world number two Mitu Monteiro CV. Big props to these guys for making this event happen!

Reece Myerscough CA took away a respectable 11.40 complete score, and James Carew AU bagged a 10.60, they will now face each other in Round 6 tomorrow, and it’s sure to be a tough match.

Heat 5 saw two talented Cape Verdeans battle it out on their home break. Matchu Lopes SP, who competes for Spain, is having a great comeback event so far. He looked chilled and comfortable and scored a 6.27 on his first wave. Arseniso Dias CV was close on his heels until Matchu checked the live score system and upped his game with a sweet tailslide 360. It’s safe to say Matchu Lopes is back in action!

One of the most surprising riders of this event is Charly Martin RE. The youngster from Reunion is celebrating his 15th Birthday today, and with a complete score of 10.70, he moves into the quarter-finals against Matchu tomorrow, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than that. We wish you a very happy birthday Charly from all of the riders and team at the GKA Kite World Tour!

Sebastian Ribeiro BR stormed through his heat with powerful hacks despite the difficult conditions. He took the highest scoring wave of the day stomping a solid 7.40 and a complete score of 12.07. He will face the highest overall scorer of the day, and reigning world champion, Airton Cozzolino CV in the next round. Being the crowd-pleaser that he is, Airton also took the best move of the day, with a massive 360 on his second last wave.

One complete round of eight heats was completed in the men’s division.

The conditions this afternoon were less than perfect for the women’s division, with riders finding the mushy, sideshore, waves tricky at times. There were lulls in the wind, which made wave selection even more crucial for scoring points.

One rider that didn’t seem to notice the lack of swell was Ines Correia PT. The Portuguese woman spends part of the year in Cape Verde, and local knowledge shone through. Ines took both the highest scoring wave of the day 6.93 and the highest complete score 13.70 in the women’s division in the first heat. She goes through to face JC Edin SE in the quarter-finals. Johanna-Catharina goes through with a complete score of 8.54.

Our women’s Freestyle world champion Mikaili Sol BR proved today that she is an all-round waterwoman, by advancing into the quarter-finals at her first-ever Kite-Surf event. The 15-year-old moved through with a complete score of 8.84. She now faces GKA Kite-Surf World Tour veteran Charlotte Carpentier FR who advanced with a complete score of 9.54.

Peri Roberts AU was riding with power in the mushy waves today. The Australian turned the conditions to her favour with a complete score of 10.20, as did Lilian Malschaert NL, with her complete score of 6.27. The two women will now face each other in the quarter-finals.

Local rider Irati Fonseca CV came through her heat (much to the delight of the home crowd) with a complete score of 6.97. The Cape Verdean will now face the current female world champion Carla Herrera SP in the quarter-finals. Carla rode her heat well, with an impressive 6.00 wave, and a complete score of 11.07.

One complete round of eight heats was completed in the women’s division.

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Words: Kate Chandler
Images: Ydwer van der Heide

Wed 4th Mar, 2020 @ 12:45 pm


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