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1 week ago | 1:29

Over 80 riders registered for this event, there were a lot of heats to get through! Unfortunately, This event was not the luckiest with wind,…

2 weeks ago | 2:1

The thermal winds arrived for Day 3 of the GKA Kite World Cup in Tarifa allowing them to complete the Women's Kite-surf single elimination, and…

2 weeks ago | 2:27

Just in case you missed all the action, here are the GKA Kite-surf Worldcup Highlights 2019 - Reigning World Champion Airton Cozzolino showed how he…

2 weeks ago

Sunday was the final day of the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Sylt and, after a couple of lay days, the wind was back with a steady…

3 weeks ago | 2:57

Today in the double eliminations, after two days of ceaseless competition, Airton Cozzolino and Carla Herrera Oria defended their top place positions from Wednesday's single-elimination…

1 month ago | 2:27

Winter came early last week with some cold and wild weather, horizontal rain, hail, lighting, and 20 - 40kts winds fluctuating with the hour! James…

2 months ago | 0:59

The GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria 2019 Is Coming! It's less than two weeks until the second GKA Freestyle World Cup fixture of 2019,…

2 months ago | 0:56

Save the date: 25 - 30 June​ 2019 - Expect Everything! The second GKA Kite-Surf stop of the season will be a debut for the…

2 months ago | 1:32

We'd say James Carew succeeded at his barrel hunting quest at 13th beach in Torquay - you have to watch this!  


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