DUOTONE Shred 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Shred 2024

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The Shred has been specifically designed for younger riders to maximize their performance. It features a grom-specific design that has been updated for 2024 with several improvements. The new asymmetric top deck focuses the flex on the heel edge of the board, providing better pop. The larger Space Flex windows enhance the ride by smoothing out choppy waters. With its narrower outline, the Shred glides smoothly through the water and is easy to carve from rail to rail. It also gets going early, making it great for light winds. The Grab Rails make it easier for smaller riders to handle the board when performing board-offs. Overall, the Shred offers young riders the performance they need to have fun on the water.

One of the key benefits of the Shred is its unique shape, which makes it easier for lighter riders with smaller feet to edge and get pop. It also makes carving from rail to rail smoother. The board offers a comfortable ride and early planing thanks to the Space Flex technology. Space Flex provides the best response throughout the length of the board, ensuring a smooth ride and early planing. The use of Biax Glass instead of carbon gives the board a softer flex for smaller riders and makes it incredibly durable. The Grab Rails make it easy to carry and perform board-offs.

The Shred's Step Mono Concave Base encourages early planing, smooths out landings, and aids in pop. Soft Flex boards are the most user-friendly and forgiving boards in the range. They are suitable for both inexperienced riders and lightweight riders. The 3D cap shape allows for torsion of the long axis of the board, providing more grip on the heel-side edge, smooth landings, direct drive, and better upwind performance.

In summary, the Shred is a grom-specific board designed to enhance the performance of young riders. It features an updated design with improvements such as an asymmetric top deck and larger Space Flex windows. The board glides smoothly through the water, is easy to carve, and offers better pop. It gets going early and is easy to handle for smaller riders. With features like Grab Rails and a comfortable ride provided by Space Flex, the Shred ensures young riders have a great time on the water.

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