DUOTONE Jaime SLS 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Jaime SLS 2024

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The SLS, or Strong Light Superior, gear is intended to empower individuals to push their limits and strive for peak performance without compromise. They offer a versatile board called the Jaime SLS, which is designed with the Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra treatments to enhance its responsiveness and fun factor. Whether you're into big air, freestyle, or freeride, the Jaime SLS can handle it all and more.

This board is incredibly versatile, making it perfect for various styles of riding such as big air, freestyle, and freeride. It delivers outstanding performance that is accessible to riders of all skill levels. Whether you're trying to land a new trick or compete for the highest jump at your local spot, the Jaime SLS has exceptional pop and can help you reach the next level in your riding. Its modern shape, reinforced with SLS construction, provides strength, lightness, and superior performance that will exhilarate you as soon as you step into the foot straps. The Double Rocker Line Concept and Angled Fins contribute to exceptional water grip, ideal for charging upwind and launching into massive air. Plus, the Double Diffusor Bottom aids in breaking the water's surface tension when landing tricks. If you're in search of the ultimate kiteboard that excels in freeride and big air while accommodating freestyle whenever you're feeling it, then the Jaime SLS is the one for you.

The fins on the Jaime have been specifically angled this year to enhance water grip, upwind performance, pop, and jump height. The addition of Grab Rails makes board-off maneuvers easier and improves general handling.

Thanks to the Innegra material, the SLS Twintips are not only light but also incredibly durable, smoother, and more responsive compared to other Twintips. The lightweight fiber of Innegra adds performance and durability without contributing to the board's weight. All SLS boards deliver outstanding dampening performance, providing a smooth ride in choppy conditions, cleaner edging, and less fatigue on the knees and back. Furthermore, SLS Twintips offer controlled and explosive pop due to reduced vibration compared to normal carbon boards.

The unique shape of the 3D cap allows for torsion on the long axis of the board. This creates better grip on the heel-side edge, smooth landings, direct drive, and improved upwind performance. This innovation was invented by Duotone.

The Hard Flex offers the most aggressive flex and an incredible pop. This generates dynamic power that aids in jumping and provides greater stiffness for better control on hard landings.

With the all-new Double Rocker Line Concept, the Jaime SLS ensures exceptional grip through the water, resulting in impressive pop and the ability to achieve big air.

To recap, the Jaime SLS is a versatile and high-performance board suitable for various styles of riding. Its SLS construction, angled fins, Grab Rails, and the innovative 3D cap shape contribute to its exceptional performance, durability, pop, and grip on the water. Whether you're an experienced rider or just starting out, the Jaime SLS is designed to elevate your riding experience and provide hours of thrilling fun on the water.

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