DUOTONE Select Concept Blue 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Select Concept Blue 2024

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In 2024, the Duotone Select twin tip board joins the Concept Blue range and introduces a new design and construction. This board incorporates sustainable materials and features a fresh look, elevating its performance for the upcoming season.

The Select now boasts an asymmetric deck shape, updated outline, and the innovative Concept Blue construction. By utilizing Flax Fibre and Basalt Stringers, this board offers a ride that is both smooth and engaging, all while prioritizing sustainability. Riders who enjoy cruising and big jumps on the water will find the Select to be the perfect choice. Its exceptional comfort, performance, and speed ensure that every session is filled with excitement.

The asymmetrical deck design focuses the flex characteristic on the heel edge, improving the pop of the board. Additionally, the larger Space Flex Window in the tips provides enhanced damping, imparting a suspension-like feel without sacrificing performance. Even in light winds, the Select delivers, allowing for quick and powerful planing.

If you're in search of a freeride board that enables you to ride earlier, enjoy smoother sessions, and achieve higher jumps, the new Select is a must-try. Its stiff heel edge offers a predictable and linear flex, while the long outline and fastest shape in the range encourage riding on a larger size for optimal performance.

The Select employs Flax Fibre instead of traditional glass in its construction, resulting in a more sustainable board with a smoother ride on choppy water. Basalt fibre, derived from volcanic rock, replaces carbon and glass fibre, reducing the environmental impact while maintaining comparable mechanical properties.

Designed with carving in mind, the new shape of the Select allows for effortless rail-to-rail turns, whether on flat water or in the waves. It's an ideal board for beginners, as it offers easy exploration of its full potential, assisting with upwind riding and jumping skills. The Select excels in choppy conditions and is exceptionally early planning, making it perfect for light wind sessions.

Featuring grab rails, the Select facilitates effortless board off maneuvers and ensures comfortable handling in any situation. The Soft Flex option delivers the most forgiving and user-friendly experience, suitable for both inexperienced riders and those who prefer a lighter-weight board.

A 3D cap shape enhances torsion along the long axis of the board, resulting in improved grip on the heel-side edge, smooth landings, direct drive, and enhanced upwind performance. Developed by Duotone, this innovative feature adds to the overall quality and performance of the Select.

Comfortable and early planing, the Select benefits from Space Flex technology. This unique flex technology ensures consistent and responsive performance throughout the entire length of the board, providing riders with a smooth and enjoyable ride.

In summary, the Duotone Select is a top-tier twin tip board that combines sustainability, performance, and comfort into one exceptional package. Its new shape, construction, and design improvements offer a smoother ride, improved low-end capabilities, and more comfortable landings. With added features like grab rails and the Soft Flex option, the Select caters to a wide range of riders, from beginners to lightweight enthusiasts. Experience heightened performance on the water with the Duotone Select twin tip board.

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